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AC blowing cool only on the passenger side, warm on drivers. Cadillac DeVille.

flomasterflomaster Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Cadillac

I know this is an electric actuator door issue in the dash somewhere, the question is: are there (2) actuators one for each side? If so, where about are they located in the dash. I have been told that estimated hours from a independent shop is 2.5 hours, which sounds reasonable, but I feel that I can handle this work as long as it not too deep and buried in the dash that actually requires it to be mostly removed. I understand the part(s), the actuators are only about $60 bucks each from Amazon.


  • palsonlpalsonl Posts: 1
    I do have the same problem that AC is not coming out in Center Vent.
    Please send me a link on how to remove the dash or panel to replace the actuators. Also, I appreciate if you would give me the complete part name for actuators. Thanks a lot.
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