News on 2015 and future 3-series? 2014 335i price? BMW 335i vs. MB E350?

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Q1) I'm considering to buy a new 2014 335i. Does anyone know what's new for 2015 or future 335i? Thanks!

Q2) I build my :blush: 2014 335i from for $55,975 (see features/options below). Edmunds TMV = ~$50,124 - $1,250 (incentives/rebates) = $48,874 (tax, license not included). Q: What is the best price do you think I could get in the Bay Area (Northen California)?

Here's the 2014 335i (base MSRP = $43,400)
1. Sport line ($1,700)
2. Leather Dakota Black/Red highlight (I think Edmunds TMV did not account for this price $1,450 option)
3. Driver Assistance Package ($950)
4. Driver Assistance Plus ($1,900)
5. Technology Package ($3,150)
6. Sport automatic transmission with shift paddles ($500)
7. Rear manual side window shades ($575). Hmm, do I need this option while I'm typing this info :smile:
8. Harman Kardon surround sound system ($875)
9. Destination & Handling ($925)

For a grand total = $55,975

Q3: I'm comparing this BMW 335i and Mercedes E350 with a bunch of options that brings it to MSRP of $64,960 whose Edmunds TMV = $58,181. I prefer 335i but my wife likes Mercedes. I know I'll loose this fight :smiley: and I know this is BMW forum..., but if you know about these two cars/models, please guide me. Much thanks in advance!



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    Ordered the 2015 with an estimated delivery date: Oct 14 thru the military carsales in germany, was told that there are no physical changes on the 2015 model, just a few upgrades on the idrive software. Pricing wise, comparing what he gave me 2014 and 2015, its 100$ more difference, but also balances it out with upgrades because 2015 trim lines is 100 more if you want it added.
    I received the 2015 pricing for the military but I dont know how to attach it here.

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    Thank you, Amiealejandro, for your information. Congrats on your new bimmer & thanks for your service in the military!

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