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Mazda MX-5 Miata Owners - Meet the Members



  • engfrengfr Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever get your problem resolved? The same thing just happened to me and the dealer quoted $395 including labor. Does anyone know if it's as easy as a few screws? I saw latches advertised on ebay for a 91. Does anyone know if latches changed over that period of time? Any other sources for purchase other than a dealer? Thanks!
  • jimmie3jimmie3 Member Posts: 1
    I had the same dilemma but decided to get a Red 2005 Miata Mazdaspeed with the 6 speed, turbo. We just got it 3 weeks ago. Its fantastic, and a lot of FUN to drive. I waited for the 2006 model to come out and looked at them, they are nice looking but are not as comfortable as the 05. I purchased NEW and got a great deal because every one was waiting for the 06's. It handles great on the highway and the back roads. Its a real head turner. I made the right decision.
    Acceleration or Handling?--How about getting BOTH.. YES!!..
  • hkosaloshkosalos Member Posts: 1
    I fixed my latch myself for 5 cents: carefully compare the broken one to the still operable one, and you will notice that the broken ones' little finger nail of metal has worn off, so that there is no longer a ledge for the handle to click onto.
    1. remove latch from top (3 screws)
    2. remove thumb lever from the assembly (clip ring, shaft. note orientation of spring first)
    3. drill a small hole into the 'underside face' of the lever, up near the worn off edge
    4. install a small screw into the hole part way, and then saw off the head so you are left with just a 1/8 inch protruding metal nub
    5. reinstall (I put the spring inside the lever 1st, then held tight while I slid the shaft)
    6. if the nub is too long, you can file it in place until the lever handle clears it
  • writawrita Member Posts: 1
    I weaned my '03 off premium. First I'd mix premium with midgrade. But now I use only midgrade with no discernible affect. There's no knocking and no loss of power.

  • jgiratajgirata Member Posts: 2
    Hi, I'd like to locate a Miata owners club in the San Luis Obispo, California area - any thoughts? I've looked at the Miata owners club spots on the web and can only locate clubs in the SF Bay Area or the SoCal areas (LA, San Diego, etc) - too far for me to participate in activities.

    I have a 2004 LS 6-speed. Love it and am planning to purchase an 06/07, once I get a sense of their reliability (all new models and such) - any inputs on the new models? :confuse:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Though the 2.0l engine has been very reliable in the Mazda3. Even so, it's tuned differently here. We'll have to wait and see, I've heard zero complaints so far.

  • stokyle97stokyle97 Member Posts: 1
    Ok i'm 28 yrs old and i have a 97 mazda miata sto and i'm really into the euro look you know fast and furious but i'm more interested in looks and suspension than engine for now so were should i start i already have 17in wheels so the car sits a little high so it needs to be dropped about an inch or 2 but as for body kits i can't find any goo ones out there for a reasonable price and hood and i really like the vented fenders. I looked all over the internet and can't find what i'm looking for can anybody give me some suggestions on sites that may be able to help cause honda and nissan are getting more credit than they deserve mazda miatas want a piece of the action to everybody sees my car and laughs cause they say only old people in florida drive miatas well i need to prove them wrong miatas are a very sporty car and the younger generations don't see that. so were should i start body suspension or engine and were can i go cause i'm lost. Most of the work I can do myself with the exception of paint and turbo or super chargers. Please help me put these punks in there place at the starting line when i'm already at the finish line.

    Thanks Kyle :confuse: :mad: :cry:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I'd start with a few paragraphs to make your posts easier to read. ;)

    Not too many mod-crazy Miata owners here on Edmunds. In fact I have yet to see a body kit I like.

    Suspension options are plentiful, though. Jackson Racing makes a full catalog of parts for it, all bolt-on, and I believe they're even removeable if you sell the car later.

  • johnchunjohnchun Member Posts: 20
    April05=04MiataTurbo $21k Total. Added $1500/100k mile warranty after driving on my own for about 1000 miles! I'm a real estate investor that does 5000 miles a month! This car has been to California, Oregon, Washington, Canada, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, & Florida in 7 months of driving. Been to 18 countries while the Miata sat in storage 3 months & 1 month Hawaii fishing & Surfing. Had 3 flat tires while driving the Hurricane Damaged States and at 32k got a set of Falkin Japanese tires! Add 1 more Flat=4 in 36k miles in 7 months! I’m 99% happy with this car! Sold my S-Class Mercedes, 3 motorcycles and Dodge Ram truck! Only 1 issue, loose drivers window! Every 3000 miles, I have changed my Mobil1(10-30) Oil & filter @ Walmart! $38! Average 29 to 35 miles per gallon! Wow! Entered any issues on the MazdaOwners Web page register too! Added items: KnAirfilter, trailer hitch for bike & single jet ski, 30k changed Trans/Diff Oils 2 Synthetic, Alarm, Led Dash Flasher, steering wheel Club, Laser Radar Detector, 120V-inverter, Magellan Color Gps+12V power + notebook communication Cable, 3 pound Sony Viao notebook for mapping, 12V-AA Battery Charger, Usb-cam & Canon digital cameras, 12V-Sony power supply, 12v-Nokia Charger, 3plug12v powerBar, 12v-Solar trickle charger (while I travel to other countries I leave this charging the battery through the back glass window), Hp4215 4in1 color printer+copier+scanner & fax(4lbs) for legal documents/real estate paralegal, 2 deer whistles… I flipped the tire over & removed the carpet & board! Adds 25% trunk space! Since the car is so small! I added a "neon Green Glow Bar" to my wind breaker that faces back! That stops 3 lanes of traffic behind me at night! The only item I would like is a set of HID 10,000K lights for the low beams! Ebay has them for $240 with a 1 year warranty! After shopping the Hurricane States of Tx La Ms Al Fl, I think Texas and Mississippi offer the best investments! I’ll try to buy about 20-30 properties in 2006 & break 75,000 miles too! I have photos here too!
  • jonbettsjonbetts Member Posts: 1
    My girlfriend owns a 1991 mazda miata. Yesterday she told me that the clutch pedal had no pressure behind it. Sure enough after checking it out the master cylinder was completely empty. I fill it with clutch fluid and was told by a friend that you didn't have to bleed the system, you simply had to pump the clutch pedal several times until you feel the pressure build up. this didn't sound right to me though I tried anyway. After pumping for about 5 mins, no pressure. Am I correct, do you have to bleed the system to remove the air and where is the bleeder valve, or could the problem be with the slave or master cylinder. She said she drove it the night before with no obvious problems so it happened suddenly. Thanks for any help or information that can help me be a hero and rescue my girlfriend.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Sounds exactly like the problem I had - leaky slave cylinder. They are not hard to rebuild, my kit was under $11 from NAPA, plus a little brake fluid (and *YES* you should bleed the now 15 year old brake fluid).

    You're lucky, here are some pics from my work:


    #1 shows how I bled the system, I used a jar to keep air from flowing back up the system.

    #2 shows the slave cylinder being rebuilt. It's basically a new rubber piston-shaped thing that goes inside the slave cylinder.

    #3 shows the location where the slave cylinder mounts, basically remove the passenger front tire and look in the fender area.

    #4 is the old slave clyinder, the rubber basically rotted out, it was so old. The fluid was very contaminated, very dark in color. After bleeding it, it's nearly yellow.

    #5 shows the under hood location of the master cylinder and the reservoir. I used a turkey baster to remove fluid at first.

    Tip: don't let your wife see that you took her turkey baster! :surprise:

  • jputputjputput Member Posts: 2
    Looking for parts for my MX5 / can anyone help? :cry: Passenger side mirror for 1992.
  • kidchellinkidchellin Member Posts: 11
    We just purchased our first Miata, 1994 MX5 73K miles,one owner, Laguna Metallic Blue, black top, cloth interior, very sweet car. I like the improvements in the94s like 1l.8L and the passenger air bag. I like the sound of this car. I have successfully made the transition from loyal MG fan since 1964 to the Miata! It rained hard on us today in Seattle, this car does not leak. This is a miracle in itself for an MGer. This must be some stage of development in the human develop books!
    Love this car and are licensing it as MGADA.
    Looking forward to this community and some good weather. vicki
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    I'd try a junk yard. It would probably cost a fortune from a Mazda dealer.

    Sorry, auto recylcer. ;)

    vicki: welcome to the boards.

  • winhwinh Member Posts: 1
    When is the right time for a "wrong" car? By that, I mean an impractical car. When I was in high school, I was told that it would be impossible to insure me on a two-seater convertible... so I bought a 1989 Chevy Celebrity. Granted, a lemon. After that, I inherited my father's 1989 Chevy Blazer (I must admit, in the raging early 90's, that thing was a blast), for graduation I scrounged enough money up for a 1999 Blazer (which I took on an 18,000 mile road trip after college). However, I think it's time for something completely impractical ie.Mazda Miata. However, everyone keeps telling me to hold off. What am I holding off for? Would it be more practical when I have kids? When I am retired? When straight-shifts are a thing of myths and legends? When do you know when you are ready for a completely impractical sports car?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    To be quite frank, the best time to own a Miata is when you can afford to own and maintain a two-car fleet. Or, if you're part of a couple, 3 cars for the 2 of you.

    As great as it is for some things, it's horribly impractical for others. Having a backup car means I can drive in the snow, take my kids around, tow a trailer, and do all kind of stuff with my other vehicle.

    When you can afford that, even 2 used vehicles, then go for it.

    FWIW, I put about 6k miles on the Miata per year, and about 9k miles on my Forester. I have kids, but that ought to tell you how often I get rain/snow or just need the extra space. Usually I try to drive the Miata whenever I can, but it's still less than half of my total miles.

  • donwillrtpdonwillrtp Member Posts: 1
    I am thinking about purchasing a Mazda Mita Mx-5 06 or older model. I do a lot of highway driving from North Carolina to Georgia at least 3 times a year and sometimes to the Washington DC area. I understand that the older Mitas drone on the highway and are not very comfortable on long highway runs. Would you recommend purchasing the 06 Mita or a older model?

    Thanks DonwillRTP
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    The models kept getting refined gradually. In my opinion, the 01 model I tested was almost tamed too much, it just was less visceral feeling than the original (I have a '93, it feels more open).

    Definitely I would say for you the newer the better. It still won't be a good long-distance cruiser, but the 06 even has more legroom and width to add comfort.

  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    Just bought a 2006 Grand Touring - no options beyond the base. It is very quiet for a ragtop on the Interstates. And the seats and seating position are pretty darn good. I think it just depends on your tolerance and how much you are going to drive. I do feel safer in a bigger vehicle on crowded Interstates (especially in a driving rain) but that is not to fault the Mazda - it is what it is!
  • mazdaman3mazdaman3 Member Posts: 12
    I'm looking to trade in my '01 Protege for something, and I found a '99 Miata with 17,000 miles on it that I'm thinking about. I live with my parents and commute to school and work, and I can borrow their car when/if I need to. I live in Indiana, and it only snowed 3 times this year, I'm thinking winter driving wouldnt be too bad. It needs new tires, I'm thinking about Bridgestone Blizzak LM-18 winter tires. Any thoughts on running Winter tires year round? Any other tires, tips or warnings in general that I should know about? Thanks for your help.
  • jputputjputput Member Posts: 2
    Thanks ! I did try a 'junk yard' in Piedmont, Ala. (Fagan's) Had it painted and installed by a friend that has a body shop. Great job !! (mirror 40.00- install 20.00)= $60.00 :) Putput
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    For 3 snows a year, you may even get by with all-seasons.

    I would not run winter tires year-round, you give up a lot of traction in the dry and even in the rain.

    Try Falken Ziex 512s, I have those and they're a great all around tire for not much money. CR listed them as a Best Buy.

  • pipefitterpipefitter Member Posts: 27
    Tonight I took delivery :) of my new 2006 MX-5. It's a Copper Red GT with auto trans, Prem package 2, front/rear splash guards and wheel locks. MSRP for $27,934.00 and discounted to $26,056.95. Time for Zoom-Zoom :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, stick around and let us know how you like it. Mine's a '93, still running like a top.

  • craig24craig24 Member Posts: 3
    Hi peeps

    I might be looking for a car soon. I want something enjoyable to drive, always been a fan of light, simple sports cars. My dad built a Lotus 7 kit car quite a while ago and learnt the thrill and benefits of a lightweight car.

    MX-5's are like a modern day example of a seven possibly more like an Elan but more reliable, practical and affordable. That is why I like them but I dont know if it would be practical for me. I am 24 years old, single but I live in ...Cleveland. I dont know if a MX-5 could handle the snow. I have driven in snow quite a bit in Columbus and here with front wheel drive vehicles mainly and once with a rear wheel drive pick up in some heavy snow, it seems it is all about technique and finesse.

    I would probably have to get a hardtop for the winter, do they have defrosters, cause that would be essential.

    Also, luggage/space capacity. I don't often take a lot of things with me. Can you get by as a single person with the hauling capacity it has?

    I guess I just want to know if anyone here has an MX-5 as their only vehicle and if they do, can they survive in a cold place with the car?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    You'll hear from both camps, but I'm firmly in the "NO, don't do it" camp.

    Sure, you can put snow tires and get a model with a rear limited-slip diff, but you're still a sitting duck for gigantic SUVs with overconfident drivers behind the wheel to crush when they (often) misjudge safe travel speeds.

    No way, no how. When there is even a dusting of snow, my Miata stays parked.

    Why else? Lack of comfort, it's tight in there. It get very tiring on long distances.

    Noise, too, and the 90-93 hard top is actually no more quiet than a soft top because it's not lined, so don't count on that to help, either.

    I guess you could rent a car or truck if you needed more, but I'd only do that if I were in a region that rarely if ever got any snow at all.

    Best of luck. Consider getting a beater Subaru, they complement each other *perfectly*, thriving in the exact opposite conditions.

  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Summer's here! (Well, just about) Beat the heat and stop in to the chat tonight to talk about your favorite brand... Mazda!

    PF Flyer
    Automotive News & Views, Wagons, & Hybrid Vehicles

    The Mazda Club Chat is on tonight. The chat room opens at 8:45PM ET Hope to see YOU there! Check out the schedule
  • mazdaman3mazdaman3 Member Posts: 12
    Hey everybody. I just bought a '99 Miata yesterday :D ! It's in almost perfect condition, the tan leather on the drivers seat is a little worn though. It's not bad now, but I want to keep it that way. There's a couple cracks in it, fairly minor, about an inch or two long, and a worn spot on the left side bolster. The passenger seat is just about as good as the day it came out of the factory. Any suggestions or tips? The top is also in good shape, but i'd like to keep it that way too, anything you guys suggest to keep it from getting aged and brittle? Thanks for your help.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    First off, welcome.

    Wash the top regularly with a soft wash mitt and mild detergents. Try to keep it clean, regularly.

    I bought mine used, and it was "stained" with dirt, even a tooth brush and spray detailer could not get it clean. I eventually replaced the whole top.

    When it snows, use a brush to get the snow off your top. Never, ever, use a scraper, it'll go right through! :surprise:

    The top gets brittle, so don't even hit the window or try to shake off any ice.

    For the leather, mine has a few wrinkles (it's a '93) but it's in good enough shape that I have not had to get the specialized cleaners/conditioners. Maybe try one of those.

    Lastly - put the top up at night. Even if you have a garage, you want to keep the vinyl stretched out to prevent wrinkles, creases, and eventually cracks.

    Zoom Zoom.

  • wfredhartwfredhart Member Posts: 1

    Bought a 2006 MX5 3rd Edition LE(#469) in January and have about 900 miles on it now 6 months later! Only waxed it 3 times so far! Love the Velocity Mica Red paint job. Only drive it on warm sunny days, but that´s going to change. Love the car, but in spite of driving stick for about 45 years, the shifting doesn´t feel quite right. I´m going to check on that with the dealer to see it that´s normal.

    Soon, we will use the MX5 to tour the USA. Maybe Europe too, if anyone knows about such a thing and could advise me. Anyway, my main questions are: I need to be able to take more luggage with us than will fit in the trunk. I see a trunk mount rack for the 2006 in the Moss catalog. Does anyone know if it is any good, and will it damage the paint? Secondly, I was thinking of using a bra to protect the paint while on trips - but taking it off when not traveling. Is it easy to get these on and off frequently. Any reason why not to do it?

    Any guidance would be appreciated.


  • sturobertsturobert Member Posts: 3
    Count me in! I just bought a base model 2001 Mazda Miata MX-5, Classic Red. Finally, the mid-life crisis has met it's match! I've wanted one for years and even though it's in the garage, I still can't believe it's mine. A couple of issues: 1)The weather stripping on the driver's window (not the windshield)at the top is loose. Is this something that can be easily repaired? 2) The power window switches are a little faded from the sun. Any remedy? 3)The cloth seats also need a little rejuvenating, what works best; and at the left side of the driver's seat, the vinyl that rubs up against the plastic support is worn. Best way to fix that? 4) Lastly, there are some spots on the inside of the plastic panel of the radio readout and the instrument panel that are not accessible. Is there any way to get to them? These are relatively minor issues but I want the car to be as perfect as it can be. Thanks in advance!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Some ideas...

    For the hard to reach spots, try a detail brush, they get in to those areas.

    Cloth seats can be re-dyed. Do a Google search for this guy that nicknamed his Miata "Hakuna", he detailed the process on-line. Search for the words "Miata Hakuna seats" maybe.

  • rahimrahim Member Posts: 8
    Excited and proud new owner of the 2007 PRHT in copper red, 6 speed manual, Grand touring with premium and suspension packages. Brought it home today!


    Wife having some trouble getting used to the manual tranny after years of driving an auto, but its well worth it.

  • jo27jo27 Member Posts: 7
    with any car bra, ONLY keep it on in dry weather. rocks will get under it and could scratch the paint. they're pretty easy to take on and off and a good idea to have if you'll be doing LOTS of cross country driving. Have fun on your trip! no suggestions on the roof rack but check out gomiata.com for good deals on miata accessories!
  • jo27jo27 Member Posts: 7
    Hi Folks, just an FYI if any of you have ever questioned how safe is a miata. I can say, VERY SAFE, especially for side impact. This spring after just putting my 2005 miata back on the road after winter storage (with only 7600 miles), I got pinned between an 18 wheeler and a concrete jersey barrier. I walked away but my miata ended up being totaled. The side impact beams did what they should have. I did purchase a 2006 and took most of the summer getting used to it. Although the new features are a definate plus, I really loved the old style but am now just as happy with my 2006! It too will be going away soon so it's safe for the winter! A definate fun driving vechicle! I hope to have this one for a very long time!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Scary crash, glad you made it out OK. :surprise:

  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Hi, pszafranski,

    I noticed that you're responding to a post that was made quite awhile ago, so I've moved your post to our Miata MX-5: 2005 and Earlier discussion, where you might get a response more quickly.


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  • brake4me1brake4me1 Member Posts: 18
    Rahim, you certainly purchased your 07 MX-5 early - Good for you.

    Their has been some discussion on the MX-5 PHRT board about the comfort level of leather seats. Since you have the grand touring package, you should have leather seats. Any feedback on the comfort level of seats for short and long term drives? During a MX-5 test drive I felt as if the contour sides of the seats were a little tight, almost as if Mazda were designing the seat cushion for a smaller driver versus medium/larger size adults. Maybe over time leather seats break in, but from what I've experienced the fit and comfort comes down to the design of the seat versus the material. Have you taken any long trip (over 200 miles) and noticed seating discomfort?
  • manybmwsmanybmws Member Posts: 347
    Get the 3M clear bra. Not cheap but well worth it.
  • crna2becrna2be Member Posts: 3
    Hey there!

    I am the proud owner of a 91 B-package in classic red that lost its hardtop before it found its way to my garage.

    The few upgrades include: Robbins Sunfast top with glass window, ASA 16x7.5 5-spoke chrome wheels with Kumho Ecsta Supras(205/45/16), a "test" pipe, Sony Xplod head unit and door speakers, Pioneer headrest speakers, and a trunk full of JL Audio and RF Punch amps.

    As for me, MWM 39 Anesthesia Nurse in North Texas.
  • miatarob37miatarob37 Member Posts: 1
    My Girl Mia'
    Hey Felow Miaters,

    About 2 months ago I was looking for a daily driver because I race my SVT Contour every weekend. I almost bought a 98 Escort ZX2 for $3k. Then I did a search for my dream car and found Mia', my silver '91 for for $2800! she's high in mile (157k) but since I race, I have become a Mazda sponsored driver so if needed, I can get a new 1.6 for $1300! Not that I'll need it any time soon. She runs like a champ. I lost the motor in the Contour (pretty sure it was because a certain national chain forgot to put the oil in) so she is my only car now. Touch, because I am a musician and she is not known for her cargo capacity. My favorite thing to drive ever though! I have a Jackson Racing cat back exhaust, a drop in K&N filter, and a Racing Beat tubular front sway bar that I am removing today and reinstalling the stock as it PLOWS LIKE CRAZY!!! Why I thought I knew more than the engineers who designed this darn near perfect car, I'll never know! Basically, I looked up what was legal for E Stock in the SCCA rules and bought it without thinking what it really did. Oh, and BTW. Don't try to do fish tales in the rain! Wow she went around fast! Great to be here! If in CT and wanting to race (against the clock, one at a time in an open parking lot around cones LEGALLY) check out FCSCC.com and CARTCT.com. Join us. It's amazing!
  • lbernhardtlbernhardt Member Posts: 2
    I drive a lot of miles taking my 6 year old daughter back and forth to school. I really want a fun little car to enjoy the miles (I drive about 60 miles daily, mostly country roads). According to GA law, she can now ride in the front seat (with airbag turned off). when a back seat is not available. Any advice/recommendations? Are the roll bars a must? I do have another car for family trips, so this would be a second car, mostly for me!
  • johnchunjohnchun Member Posts: 20
    I have experience with:
    5-Big & Small Mercedes

    Don't let kids under 16 ride in Miata's.
    It's a 4 tire Motorcycle and in a major crash, you will not be happy with the results...
    Great Car for Gas, Freedom, Spinning and burning rubber, racing, etc. but not 4 kids!
  • lbernhardtlbernhardt Member Posts: 2
    Oh bummer! I have to wait another 10 years to get a Miata?! The only other convertibles that would seem to be safer are the Saab or Volvo. Any thoughts on those? Thanks for your advice.
  • xjayxxjayx Member Posts: 1
    I have info on a very clean almost new 08 mx5 with less than a thousand miles on it. It the sport touring with the hard top.
    I know there are many enthusiasts that would love to have some info on where they could purchase this vehicle but I dont know where to post it.
    Can you help me out? :)
  • ClairesClaires Member Posts: 1,222
    Hi, xjayx,

    Selling isn't allowed in our Forums, but you can list it on AutoTrader by going to the "Used Cars" section at http://www.edmunds.com/.


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  • wgstrebelwgstrebel Member Posts: 1
    Just joined - don't even have the car in our possession. A Toyota Dealer here was selling a 2003 LS with 23,000 miles on it for 10,999 - couldn't pass it up for my wife. Her Birthday is Thursday. She won't know about it until I give her the Keys.

    Drives like a dream - first Convertable I have owned but then again, I guess she owns it.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Cool gift. Hope she loves it! :shades:
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