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Um... K... What next, and why? 2004 Pontiac Grand Am died.

justthefiancejustthefiance Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Pontiac

Please help. 2004 Grand Am, While driving, security light came on and flashed, drove 20 minutes, shut it off. Went back out 2 hours later, it started and immediately died, did the 10 minute reset, it ran fine, drove it, shut it off, started back up fine in under 15 minutes, drove it, shut it off. 2 hours later, it started, and died, rolled down windows, no more power, attempted the 10 minute reset to no avail, dome light and stereo were the only things working. 2 hours later, all dash lights flashed even with NO KEY in the ignition, disconnected battery, touched cables to ground and each other to clear codes, 10 minute reset, nothing, removed key, all lights flash, then nothing. disconnected battery. towed car home. 2 days later installed new Ignition Cyl. with pass key chip, new turn signal assy., installed resistor in YELLOW/BLACK wires at ignition switch, all lights flash, then shut off, and BCM clicks, until battery is disconnected. P L E A S E help, installing new BCM


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