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Ford Reveals All-New 2015 Ford Edge | Posts: 10,059
edited June 2014 in Ford
imageFord Reveals All-New 2015 Ford Edge |

Ford revealed the new-generation 2015 Ford Edge midsize crossover today, and competitors are sure to be scrambling to match its almost outlandish level of available technology.

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  • bankerdannybankerdanny Posts: 1,021

    The Cherokee is certainly a competitor from a size perspective, but if you want even the pretense of off road ability you aren't test driving an Edge and nothing described in the article leads me to believe that has changed. The Edge competes more with the Euro SUV' than with the Cherokee.

  • cjasiscjasis Posts: 274

    I'm not much of a Ford guy (and I still hate the MyFord Touch after my interactions in recent rental) but I do think this is a good looking vehicle.

  • hank39hank39 Tallahassee, FLPosts: 144

    Thought I was looking at the Hyundai Santa Fe at first.

  • jeffinohjeffinoh Posts: 156

    Nice update. It has the blockier styling of Ford trucks rather than the oval elements all ford cars have gone to. And the lights look really fresh. Wish the push-button trans of the MKZ would catch on. That shifter is using up some prime real estate.

  • diigiidiigii Posts: 156

    Why does it look like a Hyundai?

  • herrstreetherrstreet Posts: 27

    The front really does look a lot like the Sante Fe, and that is probably the worst thing about the design, looks-wise. No more rake to the back window though guys, look at an Aztec if you're not sure why. Overall, it's a solid design. I see a lot of Lexus in the profile. I can't tell if the dash still sits below where the base of the windshield sits. I always thought that made the first generation feel needlessly bulky and awkward. The base of the a-pillar still looks like a gigantic blind spot though.

  • markstipmarkstip Posts: 4

    The Fat Boy's Santa Fe!

  • markstipmarkstip Posts: 4

    Ford! Just give us a USA version of that new Brazilian Troller T4 and call it a Bronco. I would be an instant Ford fan! Enough of these girly family SUV/CUV's! Give us something more like the original Bronco!

  • kermit007kermit007 Posts: 4

    Ford???? What is it with You Guys (copying other Make and Model features; NO Originality) and these "Strange Color" combinations??!! Did someone spike the Water Cooler with drugs??!!

  • throwbackthrowback Posts: 445

    I wonder if the MKX will stay on this platform or move to the Explorer platform.

  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Posts: 606

    This vehicle doesn't need to be an off-roader. Ten to 15 years ago, when seemingly everyone was buying SUVs, fewer than 5% were ever driven further off road than the gravel parking lot at the roadside fruit stand. This is the kind of vehicle people actually wanted all along: Something that more closely resembles a brawny SUV than a soccer mom minivan and handles much more like a tall car than a light truck.

  • grim2fangrim2fan Posts: 1

    How about a diesel option for the SUV?

  • cobaltken1cobaltken1 Windham Ohio Posts: 11
    I think the 2015 Edge is sweet,the lease is up on my 2013 Edge next year and Im going to get the new 2015 Edge Sport.
  • cobaltken1cobaltken1 Windham Ohio Posts: 11
    throwback said:

    I wonder if the MKX will stay on this platform or move to the Explorer platform.

    I think the MKX is going to stay on the edge platform.Lincoln now has the new MKC based off the Ford Escape and its really nice.
  • While the Edge looks tempting, believe I'd prefer the Mondeo Estate -- both are built on the Fusion platform and since I no longer do much off-road at all, the wagon would likely be a better handler than any SUV with possibly better fuel economy. Too bad we Americans have such an aversion to wagons and sports wagons. They can be much better than SUVs for day-to-day.
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