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JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
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I'm looking for a set of factory aluminum wheels
for a 98 T100 4X4 (16 inch)

Need help...



  • ruzruz Member Posts: 59
    #0 of 0: stoneybroke (bbpeters1) Wed 22 Jul '98 (04:00 PM)

    I own a 1996 t-100, 4wd, extracab with 25,000
    miles. Steering stops have been replaced three
    times under warranty. Symptoms are grinding noise
    from rear when wheel is cranked to full stop,
    either left or right. Service manager says stops
    are redundant! Anyone else having this problem
    with t-100?
  • richflynnrichflynn Member Posts: 147
    Hey ruz,
    The steering stop issue should have remained its own topic. It's unique and somebody that may be able to help may not be interested in a generic T100 topic. Give 'em a break.
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
    The ac on my 98 T100 is only cooling down to 58 deg max. I took it to the dealer and those they said that the system was over filled by 3 to 4 ounces. Supposedly the fixed it , but it still does not cool to no less than 58 deg. The reason how I know about the temp is because I inserted a
    thermometer......any suggestions. My buddy's chevy truck gets as low as 48 deg. I must mention that I live in AZ...BUT STILL

    Please advice...............jd
  • richflynnrichflynn Member Posts: 147
    Having lived in Arizona at one time, I can understand your complaint.

    I think that your outlet vents in recirculate mode should get cooler than 58. Probably not much but still less than 58. There are a couple of factors at work here. The new refrigirant (Replacement for Freon) is not as efficient as the older R-12 Freon. The newer vehicles have gone to a 'one size fits all' control of the compressor. This governs the quantity of liquid delivered to the evaporator coil. (That is the part that gets cold.) This was a mechanical temperature sensing relay that was used to cycle the compressor. Ideally the evaporator was kept at a chilly 33 degrees. THis way nothing would freeze up and block air through the evaporator.

    It could be that your T100 is not engineered for the extremes of Arizona. I would call Toyota and ask if there any service bulletins regarding this issue. THere may be a fix.

  • wallahwallah Member Posts: 5
    My 96' Toyota has the same problem with low temp A/C. I have had it for 1.5 years and it barely cools anymore. I don't even use the A/C that much so I don't think it needs servicing.
  • wallahwallah Member Posts: 5
    Try this website for more information on T100 and T150's. Make sure you have your headgaskets replaced if you have a 1996 t100. It was a real problem.
  • bobaquinobobaquino Member Posts: 9
    I've got a 97 SR5 and the AC is pretty cool once the vehicle is moving. I read somewhere on the net that the AC is not as powerful as some other vehicles, but for the majority of drivers (not living in the southwest) it is ok.

    As for the website quoted above, it looks nice, but there is not much there yet. I for one would like some source of aftermarket parts. T100's are the "hens teeth" of the truck world. Last time I looked, the only place I could get a good looking set of running boards was toyota itself: for over 400 bucks. Ouch!

    Its just turned 20k on the odometer and the truck is running fine. Only problem I had so far was a loose weatherstrip on the windshield which I glued back myself. Mileage is right around 20 with the 3.4. I tow a 21ft walkaround boat that has to weigh close to 4500 lbs on the trailer fully loaded. It goes down the road, somewhat slowly, but it does go. To move the boat back into its parking place, I had a front hitch made by a trailer shop for about 150.

    Would like to hear how other owners are getting along with their trucks. Keep the posts coming in.
  • weslwesl Member Posts: 53
    sorry you can't find anything. Maybe the new tundra will stir interest in the Toyota full size p/u market. I can't blame the aftermarket. In 1997, if I'm not mistaken, Toyota only moved 27,000 T100's. Considering that Ford estimates the average F-150 owner spends 1300 bucks on aftermarket upgrades, no wonder the T-100 gets left out. Good luck
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
    Head that worries me.

    Do I need to have it changed on my 98 T100???

    About the ac....I took it back to another dealer and they were great. They purged the whole system and added a die to check for leaks. Apparently the system was 1/2 lb low. Now my ac cools down between 42 and 48....very acceptable.


    keep the postings alive
  • sonymmx200sonymmx200 Member Posts: 2
    Are the T100's reliable? They are selling me a 97 T100 with 35,000 miles with the SR5 package, full power options and convinience pacakage with wheels and nice tires for $23,000. I'm offering $19,000 out the door. Am I being stubbor or rediculous to offer 4 thousand off the MSRP from the Toyota Dealer?
  • sonymmx200sonymmx200 Member Posts: 2
    Are the T100's reliable? They are selling me a 97 T100 with 35,000 miles with the SR5 package, Xtra cab, full power options and convinience pacakage with wheels and nice tires for $23,000. I'm offering $19,000 out the door. Am I being stubbor or rediculous to offer 4 thousand off the MSRP from the Toyota Dealer?
  • bobaquinobobaquino Member Posts: 9
    For Sonymmx200:

    Somebody must think you've just fallen off the turnip truck. To answer the first question, YES! They are very reliable (mine has never been back to the dealer with 21k miles on it). But 23 grand for a 97 with 35k on the clock is riduculous. I assume you are talking about a 4x4 not a 2wd vehicle. I paid 20 even for a 2wd brand new last year. Could have had a 4wd for about 23 give or take a few hundred. Take a look at kelly blue book, ( and price out the truck for the wholesale and retail prices. Make an offer somewhere closer to the wholesale price giving the dealer maybe 500 over. If he balks, walk away. If you're of a mind to spend in the mid 20's then you might want to wait for the new tundra to come out. Course, they wont have any good deals on it for at least a year till the feeding frenzy wears off.
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
    23,000 for a 97..............what a joke.
    I have a 98 4x4 k-cab. I picked it up for 24,100.
    Yes the truck is very reliable, but not popular.
    It'll take them a while to push that truck out of the lot. Be patient and stick to your guns.
    good luck

  • JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
    I bought a set of factory aluminum wheels for my
    98 t100 4x4. I got a killer deal from a friend who runs the parts department at a Toy dealer.
    I believe they are 16 x 7. What's the largest
    size tire I can safely put on this wheels. Also
    this set of wheels comes with std factory tires.
    I'm willing to part away with the tires.

  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    I've personally ran 275/85R16s on 16X7 wheels. It was a tight fit, but not too bad. However I don't know what clearance issues you would have with your T100 as the wheels were then bolted to a different vehicle.
  • stanfordstanford Member Posts: 606
    Whoops -- that should be 285/75R16. Doh!
  • JDIAZJDIAZ Member Posts: 23
    I had the carpets shampooed on my 98 T100 and if
    you have an alarm then you should know that the brain for the alarm is under the driver seat. The morons at the car wash got that control box wet and fried it. Nothing on my alarm worked. I took it to the dealer and the service adviser who is really cool got it fixed for me. So the moral to the story is be careful if you ever get your truck detailed. I still believe that Toyota should of picked a better place to locate that box.
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