Jeep Liberty Rumbling Noise

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My 2005 has 215,00 miles on it never had any issues with it until now! this horrible rumbling noise like the noise when driving over rumble strips on the highway. I have got new tires, new brakes front and back and the emergency brake also.
Now front end seems to be shaking worse. Has anyone heard of the lock up torque converter?

Any answers please, its back in the shop. Maybe a transmission place?



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    Shaking? Any chance it's a suspension issue? You may want to skim the "death wobble" posts for ideas besides the transmission. Usually that's an issue with Wranglers or Grand Cherokees though.

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    Stever, Thanks for the comment. I got it fixed yesterday it was a U joint. $150.00 and back on the road.

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    Good - haven't heard about a U joint failure for a long time although the drive shaft on those "wobble" Jeeps was always something to check.

    Lots better than a transmission issue!

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