Handsfreelink not reading text messages from iPhone 5 - 2014 Honda Accord

garrettngarrettn Austin, TXMember Posts: 3
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I just purchased a 2014 Honda Accord Sport sedan.

Most of the Handsfreelink features work, but I can't get Handsfreelink to read my text messages. I've tried turning the setting off and on again in the car settings menu. I have restarted my iPhone 5. The iPhone is connected through both USB and via Bluetooth.

Am I missing something, or do the text message features not work on iPhone?


  • accdguy13accdguy13 Member Posts: 30

    I have a 2013 Accord Coupe and haven't used this feature with my iphone 5s. A good place to check may be to visit drive accord dot net for additional information.

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