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Gas nozzle clicks off when filling up Cadillac XTS

hampsteadhampstead Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Cadillac

I have two Cadillac's .. a 2010 SRX and a 2013 XTS .. the SRX has a cap gas tank .. the XTS is a cap less design and yet I can't fill them both up at the same gas station because the nozzle repeatedly clicks off. After I contacted the dealer, and GM TAC I was told that it's operating as designed .. ah, BS! Both are of Cadillac design and yet there's a problem. Dealer and GM smart guys say it's the station pump pressure and the vapor bellows on the nozzle ... I did say I take both to the same gas station .. and they're both Cadillac's. I've done a lot of research for them .. video .. photos .. emails ...testing and yet without inspecting all the parts - tank neck and the fill up tube flaps for defects . it's my problem .. choosing the wrong gas station. In my area I've found that there are two types of bellows/evaporator boots on the end of the nozzles .. a smaller one without a hole in the rubber and a larger boot with a finger size hole made by Husky. Gas stations with the smaller boot - I have no problems .. a station with the larger boot and the hole .. the nozzle clicks off with pennies being added .. sometimes I can just squeeze the handle a third and I can fill up .. most of the time the gas nozzle clicks off with just pennies added. I feel that there is design defect in the tank neck .. but I can't prove it .. and GM wouldn't say ... how does the SRX and XTS tank neck compare .. size and turns .. why can't I pump gas into both Cadillac's at the same gas station .. something is designed wrong!

In 2012 the government ruled that gas stations no longer need to add these evap boots on the end of the nozzle. Take a look at the end of the nozzle next time you get gas .. there's a ring and then search the web for nozzles getting stuck .. when stations remove the evap boot the nozzle has to go deeper into the neck (less boot resistance) and thus would increase the potential of getting stuck... did GM designers consider this?? If the nozzles become stuck who knows what dangerous issues could happen. I feel that GM has a design or manufacturing defect somewhere is my XTS that in view of other problems GM is having now - just don't what to dig into a solution for me. The cap less design in GM has two flaps in the gas tank neck and the top one is the one that I feel the nozzle will get stuck when gas stations stop replacing worn ones. The web is loaded with cap less problems ... it's a potential for a serious problem .. check the web.

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