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2002 Honda Civic Crusie Control Issue

kpmilkekpmilke Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Honda

I have a 2002 Honda Civic LX. Recently I have been having some issues with my cruise control not wanting to turn on and not wanting to stay on. I will have the master cruise control switch turned on while driving and I will hit the set cruise control button. Sometimes the cruise control will turn on. Other times it will not set, even if I hit the button 50 times. However, even if it does finally decide to set after pressing it a bunch it wont always stay on. Sometimes it will shut off immediately, other times it will stay on for a minute and then shut off. I haven't noticed any sort of patterns with this issue. I took it to the dealer and they said that my Electric Load Detector (ELD) in the under the hood fuse box had failed and that was causing the issue. I replaced the part myself seeing as it was cheaper and fairly easy to replace. It did not solve the problem. I am hoping that someone can help me pin point the issue because I do not want to spend hundreds of more dollars taking it to the dealer just for them to not solve the issue.

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