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Modulator Replacement at 300 Miles. Honda Accord Sport.

altinkeraltinker Member Posts: 7
edited June 2014 in Honda

I just bought a Honda Accord Sport. I took it in for the window tinting and rear view mirror install, and when I got it back and hopped on the freeway, all kinds of lights on my dash lit up. The VSA, TPMS, ABS, and EPS lights all came on. I finished driving it home and turned it off and back on, and most lights were still lit up.

I drove it to the dealer the next morning, and they had to call Honda tech. The car has 300 miles on it, and they have to replace a modulator. They didn't tell me which one. Is this common for the new Accords?


  • accdguy13accdguy13 Member Posts: 30

    I haven't heard of this being common - but a better place to talk with Accord owners might be drive accord dot net. I use it more regularly than here

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