2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee uses oil

joiedejoiede Member Posts: 1
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has 155,000 and is using oil, no leaks, no smoke. has anyone has this problem and did you repair it and how


  • eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209

    it's normal/expected for an engine with 155k to burn some oil. to reduce oil consumption in an older engine, repairs would usually include replacing pistons/piston-rings. mechanic can pressure-test each cylinder individually to see how bad the rings have degraded and whether they are leaking so badly that some cylinders are below proper compression spec.

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    Joiede , use LUCAS OIL TREATMENT - with every oil change . It's about 12 dollars and worth every penny . You will see an big improvment in your engine performance and it's oil consumption . It works. Before you repair or replace anything , try it . Don't let people put you on the horrors . Try the oil treatment .
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