Sign today / Deliver tomorrow? Kia Sorento.

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So my dealer had to get the vehicle I want from another dealer. That dealer loaned it to a customer who's car was coming in from yet another dealer. But today is the last day of the month so they want me to sign the papers tonight, so they can count the sale for this month, but not deliver the car until tomorrow. Is this okay? Anything I should be concerned about? What documentation do I want to be sure I get? They say the only field not to be completed on the forms I sign tonight is the odometer amount. I'm wary of this...


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    Dealer trades are fine and I can understand the dealer wanting to "make quota". Getting another sale at the end of the month can mean big bucks to them.

    A compromise would be to do the deal but make a side deal so that your purchase is contingent on your approval of the car when you pick it up. And ding or scratch or higher miles than anticipated (or just buyer's remorse) would be enough for you to back out. If you decide at the last minute that you don't want the car, everything gets unwound.

    If you decide to go this route, it's always a good idea to accept delivery of a new car in the daylight.

    If you aren't comfortable doing this, just tell the dealer you're helping them meet July's quota. :)

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    Thanks stever, I certainly will accept delivery in the daylight - I assume I should get the contingency in writing on some official dealer paperwork?

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    Yeah, the dealer should be able to write something up - probably someone in the finance office. Mostly I think you'd want the right to refuse delivery "for any reason". If the dealer balks, you can mention all the "conditional sales contracts" some dealers do when a buyer's financing is shaky.

    Some people say you can unwind a deal anytime before driving the car off the lot, but I'd rather not test that theory.

    How's your gut feeling on this dealer? Some dealers make it easier to unwind a deal than others. Once a dealer has your money, often they seem to lose interest on the follow through.

    Oh, and since you are doing the dealer a favor that's going to result in more profit for them, now's the time to ask for more money off the price.

    Try posting in Buying and Selling Cars: Post Your Experiences too. I may be overlooking some horror stories. B)

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