Sharing a little info I came across re putting a Lincoln Navigator on a lift

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About four months ago, I had a font air strut replaced on my 03 Navigator. When the repair was done the mechanic had a devil of a time getting the air compressor to come on and inflate the air bags. I sat in the waiting room watching my dollar bills fly out the window for two hours. Finally they came out and said they think they fixed the problem. Well they did fix the problem. Now last week I had a complete front end brake job done (not at the dealer) and bought the truck home. two days later when I drove the truck, the front airbags were all out of whack and there was no sound from the compressor.
Having to wait for my next Social Security check to arrive before I can attempt a repair, I started poking around in different Ford truck websites and I came across the cause of both this problem and the first problem I experienced at the DEALERS.
Right there on page 192 of the owners manual I found that before lifting or towing(with out a flatbed), you need to SHUT OFF THE AIR SUSPENSION AND THE IGNITION", BEFORE YOU LIFT THE TRUCK. I think had I or the mechanics been aware of that little tid bit, I wouldn't have what I have now, a front end with one side air bag full and the other empty. I haven't seen this in these forums so I thought I'd pass it along...............

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