2015 Acura TLX info?

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My TSX is coming off lease in Sept and I just got an email from my dealer that the TLX should arrive in the end of August. I'm considering it, as I would like a little more spece in the back seats.

Anyone hear anything similiar/different about the release date? Also, anyone hear about fuel requirements on it - regular, plus, or premium?




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    I believe that I had read that, for both TLX 4- and 6-cyl models, premium fuel is "recommended" but I can't find the source. It would make sense, as this is the case for almost all other Acura models. As far as the release date is concerned, I believe August is still the target - production began about a month ago so dealers should be receiving the first TLXes off the line very soon now.

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    Does anyone know the floor plan that was used for the TLX when it was crash tested in the U.S.? Similarly, the new Charger was tested with an automatic transmission floor plan only. Therefore, it would have to 'start over' if it ever wanted to offer a manual. Just wondering if Acura had a floor plan that offered either automatic or manual when crash tested. Just trying to keep hope they offer a manual for the TLX in the near future to appeal to a wider market of buyers.
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