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imageGetting Entune - 2014 Toyota Highlander Limited Long-Term Road Test

Updating Entune in the long-term 2014 Toyota Highlander.

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  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445

    Does entune use your phone for the connection and simply display(and play) the music through the car's stereo? How is this different (better?) than simply bluetooth streaming the info from your phone.

  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486

    ah the "download" indicator bar thing. if anything deserves a name of its own, that thing does.

    so i could curse it.

    what does it really indicate? that you are almost done? not really, if your connection suddenly drops or slows down to a crawl.

    in college i would constantly complain to my roommate that my illegal download of copyrighted material would start really fast and then slow down to a trickle at the end. in my mind there was a crotchety old man sitting at a console with a "download speed" dial that he would turn counter clockwise to slow down my download as it neared the "end".

    it actually upsets me when it does the opposite as well, that is to say, goes really slow for the first half and then BAM... it's all of a sudden done. at that point i realize it indicates nothing at all; it serves no purpose other than to fool me into thinking someone, something, knows what is going on.

  • schen72schen72 Member Posts: 433

    The progress bar is actually a pretty complex topic among software engineers because exactly what is it supposed to measure? And there are often conditions that affect the progress bar. The only way to have a totally accurate progress bar is to perform the action first, and then go back in time and present the progress bar to the user.

    I think having any progress bar is preferable to having nothing. At least if it moves, you know something is happening.

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