2007 Toyota Camry Intermittent electrical power

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Intermittent electrical power, flashing dashboard light, and numerous warning lights turning on

Hi all,

I have a 2007 Toyota Camry with electrical problems that started showing up recently. One day the check battery light turned on and about 15 minutes later the AC would lose power intermittently. After parking the vehicle that day I tried to start up and only heard a rapid clicking sound. I exchanged the battery since it was still under warranty and everything seemed to work fine for one whole day. The next day the battery light turned on again, followed by the ABS warning light, and then the airbag warning light. Within about 5 minutes the dashboard back light started flickering and other warning lights started lighting up randomly. Within a minute of that the car shutoff and would not start back up again.

I don't know where to begin with this would appreciate any pointers for where to start diagnosing this problem.



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    I might be thinking about alternator troubles, or perhaps battery cable problem.

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    Question: I have a 2007 Camry and recently the ac/heat started giving me issues. When you first start the vehicle the rear defrost light blinks and the ac/heat will not turn on for a short period of time and then it'll stop blinking and turn on. But then you can't switch where the fan blows (defrost, vent, or floor). Can anyone help me with this problem? 
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    2007 Toyota Camry.....First battery light came on, changed alternator and battery. Then all my dash lights started coming on intermittently, i believe I've figured out that my cigarette lighter had a short, and with all the cheap phone chargers I had in it was making my car go wacky. Even burned out the cord on my dash cam. May not be your problem but i pretty sure it was mine. Good luck
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