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I'm planning on purchasing a Tundra, but have noticed that most Tundra's have "Gulf States Toyota PIO" added to the factory option list, with options added at the distributor that I don't want. All dealers here in San Antonio, Tx want me to purchase from dealer stock, but I want to order my Tundra equipped the way I want, with only the options I desire. Is there anyone out there from the Houston, Austin or Dallas area that can recommend a Toyota dealer that will let me order a Tundra with only the options I want?
Thanks in advance.


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    You might want to check out the topic in "News & Views" entitled "Toyota's options game, Deceptive rip-off!"

    Gulf States is basically a monopoly for our area and you buy their Toyota's the way they want to sell them to you vs. the way you may want your truck.

    I ended up buying a Frontier over a Tacoma mainly because the Toyota dealers in the Houston/Galveston area treated me the same way your being treated in San Antonio, except your stuck without a good alternative unless you want to look @ the domestics.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks...I will check out News & Views. This doesn't sound very encouraging, especially since Toyota even has "Build Your Toyota" at their website which links you to a local dealer after you've custom built it the way you like. Different story once you get to the dealer. If I can't get it my way, then Plan B is to get an F150 SuperCrew Lariat. Thanks again....
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    Hey, we both own Prelude's too!

    Read your comments in the other thread. Good luck to you....Tundra is a nice vehicle, but best revenge may be to go with your plan B.

    Take care!
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    Look at my post in "Toyota's options game, Deceptive rip-off!" area.

    Gulf States appears to control all Toyotas in several states - definitely Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Maybe Louisana. Maybe more states....
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    I had no problem getting the truck I wanted with the options I wanted here in Dallas. I did have to go with the options packages that Gulf States offers but the dealers here had no problem finding the truck I wanted with the options I wanted.
    Gulf States does force you to take packages as they put them together so you may end up with some things you don't want. Things like bed liners and running boards can be added and removed from any package.
    Kept me from having to settle for a frontier! ;)
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