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Chrysler Town and Country Transmission Help.

mogullmogull Member Posts: 3
edited July 2014 in Chrysler

When i am driving along , the tranny drops dow to 2nd gear . It doesnt do it all the time ,but if i shut the van off for about an hour it resets it self and goes good till the next time it happens. Could this b a senser or is the tranny going bad ,it only has 150000 on it it is a 1996 any help would b great thanks


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    tsu670tsu670 Member Posts: 293

    Just guessing, but it sounds like the transmission is going into "limp mode" to protect itself from total destruction. This is a common problem for those who have over 100k miles and never had the transmission fluid and filter replaced, or who had their transmission fluid changed a few months beforehand by someone who did not use Chrysler authorized ATF+4 transmission fluid.

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    mogullmogull Member Posts: 3


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    joshingjoshing Member Posts: 7
    Wow, it took all my library time to get logged in here...Anyway...I bought a 2001Chrysler T&C Limited with 4X4 and I had the car jacked up to check on a small power steering hose leak...not a big deal...but when I was under there I noticed the small tail cone bolted to the trans where the drive-line exits...that cone is just hanging there as the housing is busted all the way on each flange. Can't believe it but it doesn't appear to be leaking at that point. Any idea how this got this way? Somebody launched the thing in and out of a ditch or what?
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