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Registering a car in CA with Pink Slip

dvareladvarela Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in General

Hey all,

Here is my situation, I bought a used car in Tijuana Mexico, these cars are purchased cheap on auctions from the US and then sold at a good price. I got a 2002 VR6 GLX Jetta for 2200 dollars! Before I cross the border with it I'd like to register it to my name. I have the pink slip with me, can I just go to the DMV and process it?

I read that the car needs to be smogged before initiating the registration process. That means I need to have the car in the US before initiating the registration process? I need help on this because I am worried I bought a car I can't 1. Cross the border with and 2. Register it to my name.

Please advise.

Thank you!!!


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