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2015 Lexus NX 200t First Drive | Edmunds.com

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image2015 Lexus NX 200t First Drive | Edmunds.com

This 2015 Lexus NX 200t First Drive review includes information about the all-new compact luxury crossover, including fuel economy, features, cargo space, comfort and interior quality.

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  • dfelix70dfelix70 Member Posts: 143

    Man, this thing is UGLY and not just because of Karl Malden's nose. It actually looks similar to the Jeep Cherokee, only uglier and I'd actually prefer the JC and save a ton of money. The JC also has a more appealing interior. Alas, I'm sure this will well.

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599

    Lexus hasn't really figured out it's mission for its hybrid powertrain. In nearly every other vehicle the hybrid model gets a higher number (and more power) than it's gas-only counterparts. Here, the hybrid option wears a higher number on it's badge but the power is way down relative to the 200t. Throw in the added weight and the 300h is a dog. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. The 300h is probably a more honest fuel sipper than the hybrid versions we've seen of the RX, GS or LS. And we know that hybrid buyers are happy to trade off performance for economy when they buy something like a Prius. But is someone looking for the sporty dimensions and looks of this car, going to settle for 9 seconds 0-60?

  • ek900ek900 Member Posts: 39

    My guess is that there is a lot of RAV4 under the skin of this thing. Why can't Edmunds make it clear if that is the case? Why does it always seem that such lineage is stressed in articles about cars from some brands, but basically never mentioned in an article about a new Lexus?

  • ab348ab348 Member Posts: 19,091

    @ek900 : I had the same thought at the start of reading this review, that this is essentially the Lexus RAV4, but nothing is mentioned regarding that. It may not be a bad thing but would be nice to know. The comments about the ride perhaps being too firm but not being able to really judge just mean there are more questions than answers.

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  • jrizjriz Member Posts: 10

    According to the NX's chief engineer, roughly 10 percent of the NX is shared with the RAV4. These components include the front floor, dash panel and exterior rocker panels. In other words, it is not a RAV4 under the skin. If it were, it would've been important enough to mention. As it is, though, such sharing of corporate components should hardly affect this vehicle's consideration among car shoppers. -James Riswick

  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 57,167

    Looks like it might have the same subpar nav/ICE system as my friend's Prius.

    Like "CAR" magazine said: "distinctive, but so is wearing a fez".

  • ab348ab348 Member Posts: 19,091
    edited July 2014

    Bit of a testy response there, @jriz?

    Regardless, I've just gone through the photo gallery. The exterior design is unfortunate, sort of Cadillac's Art & Science on steroids. I don't know whether it reminds me more of origami or anime, but neither looks attractive. Maybe it will look better in reality.

    Inside it does not look bad, but I see it has a similar "dashmat" design treatment over the IP as the Camry, which is not an attractive theme. Otherwise it's OK but hardly stunning.

    2017 Cadillac ATS Performance Premium 3.6

  • wlm26wlm26 Member Posts: 33

    On first glance, I thought, "What did they do to a pre-08 Infiniti FX??" It looks like they took the "bionic cheetah" theme, and threw as many mad & hairy slashes as they could find on it. It literally looks like they lost all perspective. Not just in style, but in general. That grill is unbelievably hideous. I have an 08 FX35, and I can sort of' see something of it in there, but wow. It also reminds me of a Nissan Juke that's been through the movie Saw, and here is the result.

  • cgcgcgcg Member Posts: 1

    Mr. Riswick, thank you for the useful review. One question: Does it have turbo whine?

  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65

    RAV4 Platform with a tighter suspension for Lexus? Toyota and Lexus Engineers are smart enough and cost conscious enough not design a whole new platform for a Lexus this small. The biggest news here for Toyota-(Lexus) is that Turbo Engine set up, and what “Toyota” models it will show up in for 2015? A loaded RAV4 can push into the mid $30K range easy. So this "little" baby Lexus with AWD and some options easily into the sub $40K range?

  • carluvr1carluvr1 Member Posts: 5

    A turbo Lexus? With quality Toyota engineered perfection? It might just be one of the best turbo 4's we've seen. This would be a good option for the fr-s as a genesis coupe competitor too

  • financeman2financeman2 Member Posts: 5

    Not unattractive except for a nose even a mother can't love.

  • evandersmartevandersmart Member Posts: 1

    Excuse the Lexus NX for being so BOSS! Future class leader in sales. Haters are afraid of it's extra-sharp style! Love the power rear seat option and wireless smartphone charging. The competition is not pleased. No.

  • fr88fr88 Member Posts: 6

    Yikes, who would buy this hideous thing? I haven't seen this much tortured sheetmetal since the 1960 Buick! Don't care how competent or well-equipped it may be, it mars the landscape and is just plain offensive to look at. "Distinctive" is one thing, however butt-ugly is another thing entirely

  • darthbimmerdarthbimmer Member Posts: 606
    edited October 2014
    The use of alphanumeric model names for cars is getting out of hand. I spent several moments staring at the headline trying to figure out which Samsung digital camera a "NX 200t" would be a replacement for.
  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021
    edited October 2014
    Wow, what an ungainly looking vehicle, an expensive luxury Aztek. That belt line is unreasonably high and the swoop of the rear hatch takes a serious bite out of the utility you would ordinarily expect from a CUV. I can't think of any good reason to buy this over an Escape or Cherokee much less any of the import competitors.

    And the name makes me think of one of my favorite Nissans from the early 1990's, the NX2000, a really fun Sentra SE-R based sport hatch.
  • throwbackthrowback Member Posts: 445
    The exterior looks better in person (not by much though) i like the new Lexus interiors. I recently drove an IS250 and was impressed with the interior. I applaud Lexus and Cadillac for not trying to out german the germans.
  • redskinsdmvredskinsdmv Member Posts: 52
    Was there any noticeable torque steer with the NX? I read that as a complaint from other reviewers.
  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65
    A hand full of manufacurer's are putting those silly nav system screens sticking up in the middle of the dash. My friend has a 2015 mazda with the same thing as this Lexus, looks cheap and out of place in any car! Cheap way to go, huge money savings for car makers, rather then actually engineering a proper dash layout. Looks like nothing more then a buying a portable nav and using velcro. Not sure how the HOT sun and sunlight may demish functionality long term, heat is a killer for electronics?
  • imaginaryimaginary Member Posts: 62
    I'm hoping eventually we'll get to see how the AWD performs and compares to the competition as well as non-luxury competitors.
  • zephzeph Member Posts: 8
    So it is pricier and less roomy than a RAV4?
  • zephzeph Member Posts: 8

    Wow, what an ungainly looking vehicle, an expensive luxury Aztek.

    The Aztec was fugly, but at least it had personality. This is fugly in a very bland way.
  • mitt_zombie1mitt_zombie1 Member Posts: 32
    Bring back the v6 Rav4 with a manual, that was actually pretty fast as well as cheap.
  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893
    ab348 said:

    @ek900 : The comments about the ride perhaps being too firm but not being able to really judge just mean there are more questions than answers.

    Where in the article does it say the ride is hard? In the "Is It Comfortable" section I see this : "The standard luxury-tuned suspension does an admirable job of isolating passengers from imperfect pavement without ever feeling disconnected."
  • ndabunkandabunka Member Posts: 24
    edited October 2014
    Attention Scott Jacobs !!!
    Attention Scott Jacobs !!!
    Attention Scott Jacobs !!!
    Attention Scott Jacobs !!!
    Attention Scott Jacobs !!!

    STOP the presses!!! You state that the NX is only "one of" the competitors that offers a Hybrid version. However, NONE of the "competitors" you listed in this article actually offer ANY type of Hybrid AT ALL. Audi & Mercedes both offer Diesel versions (some available only in larger vehicles here in the USA) but neither Acura nor Volvo offer either a Diesel or Hybrid so I have to ask...

    Who EXACTLY is that "competitor" that you referenced when you stated, quote " the 2015 Lexus NX 300h is one of only two hybrids in the segment." Please name the other one..

    We are in the market for a luxury Hybrid CUV and this NX300h is (apparently) the ONLY option. An easy qualifier is that Luxury means things like: Memory Seats, Leather (or NuLux) interior, Blind-spot notification, Premium Audio, Backup Camera & of course Navigation, etc.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited October 2014
    I assume Scott means the Audi Q5 2.0T Hybrid Prestige. You should be able to find the specs at this link to see if all the goodies you want are on the list.
  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 57,167
    Sounds like someone is a Toyolex fanboy...

    I wonder if the hybrid units in these usually overweight vehicles actually produce significant gains, especially enough to compensate for the cost of the powertrains, and the resources used to make them...
  • lucien4lucien4 Member Posts: 68
    "NX 300h hybrid that is estimated by Lexus to return 33 mpg combined (35 city/31 highway) with front-wheel drive and 32 mpg combined (33/30) with all-wheel drive. These figures are comparable to diesel variants of rival crossovers."

    Which diesel in this class gets comparable mpg? Are we maybe just talking pure highway (which few people 100% drive)?
    The Q5 diesel gets 27 combined (about -19%). Maybe if you drive mostly highway you get comparable mpg but 300h doesn't require premium fuel so you lose also typically 10% at gas pump.
  • ababkovaababkova Member Posts: 4
    I can send comment!
  • ababkovaababkova Member Posts: 4
    we need more comments
  • roho1roho1 Member Posts: 318
    Test drove a base and a F sport. They both have the same drivetrain, f sport has diff suspension and stiffer seats. It's been tough to deal on one since supply is low. Dealer has no 300h on the lot and doesn't know when any will be delivered.
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