Isuzu Rodeo V6 3.2 died while driving. Will turn over but no start. No spark.

blind_mandablind_manda Member Posts: 1
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I have a 97 isuzu rodeo that died while I was turning and hasn't started back up in a month. I replaced the spark plugs, fuel filter, and did an oil change about 2 months ago. The only code it threw back was EGR which i went to clean and found out it was leaking so I replaced that. Now reading no codes.
I have also replaced the ICM (which was not as easy to get as you would think) and the Crankshaft position sensor (I don't mess with electrical a lot so I hired a mechanic and he tested it while I was right there and the reading was really low). If I pull out a coil if will read a misfire on the one I pull out so I know it's not that. Fuel pressure is good. Just put a used PCM/ECM in it with no luck. Still doing the same thing.

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