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BMW 5-Series Accessories and Modifications

div2div2 Posts: 2,580
edited April 2014 in BMW
Contact Steve Diamond at: . The BMW changer, install kit, and shipping came to $399 for my E39 5er. Prompt service too.


  • skatzenskatzen Posts: 2
    Has anyone added the BMW aftermarket navigation system to a E39 525? Is it full-featured? I'm looking for general review information: what do you like about it, what don't you like, is it worth the price, etc.

  • phxbmwdudephxbmwdude Posts: 8
    Has anyone put a trailer hitch for light towing on a 5er sportwagon? For some reason I thought BMW did not allow this, but BMW USA apparently says you can tow 1500#, max tongue wt 200#.
  • 5speed55speed5 Posts: 31
    My friend has an E39 528i with a Class 1 receiver hitch. He tows his SeaDoo Jet Ski with it. Never takes the car above 50mph when advice.
  • to: 5speed5

    do you know where your friend got the hitch??
  • hgutsteinhgutstein Posts: 65
    I have a 528 iT with a hitch installed by Master Hitch in Houston. We use it for a bike rack and light towing. These guys are in the phone book and very knowledgeable. they should be able to set you up

  • Has anyone done some custom sound upgrade on a 530i or similar. Looking to upgrade from speakers and potentialy add an amp. Looking for any advice or issues people may have had in the past.

  • pop6pop6 Posts: 2
    Help want to replace my 98 528i wiper blades dealers are expensive strips of rubber and have to cut the the p-side (shorter of the 2 22''). Any other refills available? help
  • Think it is a deal if i get the 108,000 miles warranty for....$1,999.00 ? This is under the same term of the original factory warranty. Please let me know!!!
  • hi,

    ever heard of or anybody tried to just get the M Steering wheel by itself? I know it comes with the Sport Package, but what if i just want to add that alone?
  • Does anyone know where I can see some photos of what the redesigned 5 series will look like next year (2003)? Please post here or e-mail me at


  • mkharris01mkharris01 Posts: 6

    I can recommend you checking the CEC Wheels website. The company is located in Los Angeles and provides all the accessories you can ever want or afford. They will also order parts and ship as well. Link provided below.


  • mkharris01mkharris01 Posts: 6
    I am considering installing the applicable Dinan performance software and the free flow exhaust for my 2000 BMW 528iA. Result will be increased HP and torque and removal of the speed limiter. Long Beach BMW will be the installer and warranties will still be maintained.

    Question: Any experience with the installs mentioned? Any comments appreciated.
  • bimladybimlady Posts: 1
    I have same questions as moose26.

    Just got a 2001 525. Frankly, the audio system sounds terrible. My honda accord system sounded 100 times better.

    I don't have the DSP on my business cd/audio.
    Does BMW have anything you can upgrade to, other than just the DSP ? Is getting the DSP worth it?
    What else can you get on 5 series
  • kirkd1kirkd1 Posts: 24
    whats the deal? my dealer told me that he wouldnt know if i could use this mod until the car comes in to see if it has a "hole" in the front facia or not. its something out of his control? anybody heard of this? all i wanna do is get ride of the front license frame and mount and replace it with the plain bumper strip.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    In case anyone's curious about this, I've successfully added the Sony "plug-and-play" XM satellite receiver to my 530i's (DSP) sound system, and it's great. For details about the install, click here.
  • gillzgillz Posts: 15

    I installed the Dinan software upgrade for the engine and transmission. The cost at Long Beach BMW was $754 (incl labor) and $700 at Bullet Performance (they don't charge a labor fee). I highly recommend driving the extra miles to Costa Mesa and have Bullet do the install. (Bullet Performance Engineering (714)556-4269.

    I have sport/prem package with steptronic and was pleasantly surprised with the extra torque and more aggressive shifting after the upgrade.

    Good luck.
  • hgutsteinhgutstein Posts: 65
    Have it for the wagon - also put in a K and N filter. You only get 7 or 8 HP. for the 528 I would say the $500 was definitely not worth it. Just use the "sport" mode for the tranny and you will be fine.

  • anfanf Posts: 6
    I see people talking about Dinan chips. I assume this is only for automatic transmissions. Correct?

    Are there any easy ways to add more oomph to a 540 6-speed? (Other than trading it in for an M5 :-)

  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    A "cold-air" intake will add 10-15 hp (and a lot of noise), a freer-flowing exhaust might add a similar increase (and more noise), and then you can get into all sorts of upgrades like lighter pistons, cams, valve stems, etc., but I think the price would outweight the benefits there. More involved work (i.e. $5000+) would be adding a supercharger, which can yield another 100 ponies or more (see If I were you, I'd wait for the next 5-series, which will reportedly offer a 3 liter, twin-turbo inline-6 with 380 hp. That would be sweet, assuming the lag is minimal.
  • brenwilbrenwil Posts: 1
    I am the new owner of a 89 525i and I am so disappointed with the "get up" of the car. I was told this car is "gut less". It only has 187K on the clock and the engine runs fine. The problem is the car just doesn't have any "ZIP" and I think having to rev. the car from a stationary position burns the fuel more than I would like. Would changing the chip , I think "Dinan" is the word mentioned, have an impact on my car's zip. Would it be compatible on my 89.I am also considering changing the gear box (manual) to a newer used one , say 93/94.Is this possible.
    Any information on how I can improve this will be highly appreciated.

  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Your main problem is the engine; You might try a Conforti chip- . The 91-up cars had the superior M50 engine. I'd suggest that you ditch the thing and find a nice 535i; the "Big Six" makes a world of difference.
  • slane4slane4 Posts: 6
    Just bought '97 540i with Nav System. Front screen only. Manual says TV is deactivated there for safety reasons. Someone said I can activate it to get TV up front. Anyone know how to so this?
  • slane4slane4 Posts: 6
    Snagiel: Thanks! I have taken a look at this and will give it a shot when I get home. Appreciate the help!
  • slane4slane4 Posts: 6
    Hey, it worked!! Very cool....thanks. Any ideas on how to improve reception or number of channels?
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Um, no. I don't even have the nav, I just forwarded a thread which I thought would help. How 'bout driving to the tallest mountain in the area? :)
  • slane4slane4 Posts: 6
    Unfortunately I must live in a dump called Cincinnati and there are no mountains within 500 miles of this toilet!! Ha, ha. Thank you for your assist. SL
  • jpc14jpc14 Posts: 4
    I am considering purchasing a 98 528 that has the sport package and some additional features such as heated seats. I love the car (great milage, etc.), but the only bummer is that I really like the woodgrain Premium trim vs the Sport trim. Has anyone replaced the trim before or know if it can be done? Is it doable without costing a fortune?
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Wish I could trade you, all the wood in my 1997 5er makes me think I'm in a domestic barge sometimes :p
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