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Chevy Cavalier engine died after replacing timing chain tensioner plunger

astojazzastojazz Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet

So I have a doozy of a problem and this is my last ditch effort before I sell the parts or trade in the car for a new one which may happen but I would definitely like to know what is happening.
The engine in question is a 2.2 Ecotec.
Before I had replaced the spark plugs on my 03 cavalier the car had died because the battery went out. It sat in a parking lot for two months and I hadn't changed the oil yet; it was running a little over 6,000 miles on the the current oil filling. I got a new battery and was driving the car for a little while. After the new battery was installed the car would idle a 500 rpms and was making a "pitter-pattering" noise. After about running like this for a month I decided it was dire I change my oil and get new spark plugs. Bought those things and changed the spark plugs. After I changed the spark plugs there was a loud "clanking" noise coming from the the topside of the engine on, what I later found out was, the timing chain side. Watched a few videos and downloaded some directions and figured I could fix this myself. Took the valve cover off and removed the belt and harmonic balancer and the timing chain cover (my brother punctured the timing chain cover so we had to get a new one). The timing chain was loose but we couldn't take of the cranks attached to the exhaust and intake cam shafts because I we didn't know exactly what we where doing. So it was suggested we realign the chain and just put everything back together and see if the problem still persists. We realigned the chain according to the diagrams we found and replaced the plunger on the backside of the engine for the long-curved timing chain tensioner. We put the new cover on and reset the harmonic balancer and the other pulled attached to the timing chain. We put the belt back on and reattached the valve cover. Put the boots the spark plugs and attached the distributor cap. I then fired up the car. It started and it began to make a noise similar to the one it made before we took it apart but then after about, maybe, a minute in it just died. The whole car shut off and there was a low humming noise coming from the engine, then nothing. We posted her back up and took the tire off again and decided to take a look. The belt began to come off the alternator pulley wheel so we had to put that back and when I put a crescent wrench to the harmonic balancer nut to turn the belt system and move the belt back into place, it just twisted off with ease (thats odd because we had to originally take it off and put it back on with an electrical impact wrench). So we put the belt back into place and tightened the harmonic balancer as much as we could with the impact wrench. I fired her up again to see if she would start. This time she didn't "start" but the belts where turning and you could still hear the timing chain "clanking" on something inside the engine. Also the harmonic balancer wheel wasn't staying a a fixed position when it would turn. It would move in an up-and-down position while it was turning which I thought was weird because wouldn't that mean the metal is possibly bending of being shaved off on the inside of the harmonic wheel shaft? From there I figured the car is dead and there is nothing I can do but give up on it and move. If anybody has any ideas that would be great. I may just get a rid of the car anyway but I am still curious to know what is happening just so I can learn something new. Thanks everybody!!!

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