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'98 Chrysler Cirrus head gasket, valve leaking

sheaysaturnsl2sheaysaturnsl2 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Chrysler

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6 cyl., 2.5 gaskets of head, valve leaking accessively to the point of engine smoking behind engine.

'98Chrylser Cirrus, 2.5, 6 cyl., 206,000 miles: I had my oil pan replaced. Starter reconnected. O2 Sensor upstream, downstream replaced. Passed emissions. Yeah! :) Now, my valve gaskets are covered w/ oil. My head gaskets looks to be bad, also covered w/ oil. Oil pan is dry. I added 2 quarts oil and the oil light still comes on after 15 minutes of running time, even at night. The back of the engine is smoking. I'd appreciate any help. What is wrong w/ my car and a "guessedemated" repair (s) costs and is it worth to replace or sell or for what it's worth or by another work car? Ty, God Bless :)

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