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Look at this crossover vehicle on Hyundai's Korean site. If the Toyota/Pontiac boxes are hatchbacks then I guess this one is too. What do you think?


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    It looks like an echo wagon to me. Hyundai should have called it wacko or something.
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    I'm sure this thing is not due to be imported despite the interest in hatches. It's too van like. Still I kind of like it because it reminds me of my old 1985 Colt Vista. In fact I think it's quite a bit like the second generation Expo/Vista/Eagle wagon of the early '90's.

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    ehhh, i love hyundais like crazy but ehhhhhh
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    I finally got the first link posted to work and I don't think it is a bad looking little car, but I might be biased since I like small cars and I have a Toyota Echo. : )

    The picture of the blue Lavita (needs work on the name if they bring it stateside) makes me think that the last side window's bottom edge is higher than the driver or passenger windows' bottom edge. I would change this and lower the bottom edge to be the same as the other two side windows.
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    it sure does...I own a 1988 Plymouth Colt Vista 5-speed right now. Do they have 3 rows of seating? Do the seats fold into a bed or flat for cargo? Does it get 27mpg in city driving without the A/C running? Mine has no air, sure wish it did, but it's my winter car so it doesn't need it. Will it offer 4WD like the old Colt Vista? Lots of Japanese mini-wagons offer 4WD and 3 rows of seating, but they don't sell them here, just in Japan where space is at a premium and micro-mini-vans are commonplace.
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    Hey I think the Lavita (Latvia?)is a cool car ... all manufacturers should be marketing these types of vehicles in North America ... sorta reminds me of those Nissan Access wago-vans that were on the go about 10 or 12 years ago? I'd also like to see the Atoz/Amica sold here in Canada ... it'd be the perfect market to introduce these models to North Am. ... particularly since our gas prices are significantly higher than in the U.S.
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    I drove Lavita yesterday. It has roomy cabin which is bigger than Elantra(Avante)'s.

    I'm seriously consider buying Lavita. Currently, I drive Daewoo Magnus(2K2 Leganza) and own Hyundai AVANTE(ELANTRA)1.8 A/T.

    The price of Top notch Lavita is under U.S 13,000 with full options.
    Top of the line's major features are Leather, side airbag, cd-changer, sun-roof, trip computer, auto climate contron, A/T and so on.

    The only thing I don't like is its perfomance.
    It has 1.8 Dohc engine and a little bit floaty suspension.
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    An interesting thing is that the Access was a much greater commercial success in Canada than in the U.S. - it was sold in Canada for several years after it was pulled from the U.S. market. Similarly, the sales/capita was higher for the Colt Vista in Canada than in the U.S.

    This, unfortunately, doesn't promise great likelihood for such a vehicle being introduced into the U.S. market again. But MAYBE in Canada (?) ;-)
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    I don't remember any Nissan vehicle in the US called the Access. When was it sold? I do remember the Stanza being available as a tall station wagon/hatchback type of thing.
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    The Access was sold from 90-92 I believe. It replaced the Stanza wagon. It was a very short-lived model as it was considered to be too expensive for its smallish size and therefore was a sales flop. It basically was responsible for the dual sliding door idea. Funny how every minivan now has that feature, but back then it wasn't even noticed. Too bad. The Access was a neat idea that just wasn't priced and marketed properly.
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    As for the Lavita, I think it's a great idea. It reminds me of the Mitsu Expo, which I thought was a neat car and one I almost bought recently. Today's minivans are too big and suck too much gas for my tastes. This smaller, yet roomy and attractive wagovan is a very useful car that would be easy on the wallet. It also makes more sense in today's marketing ploy of active lifestyles. I used to own an 85 Civic Wagon which used the same idea but in a much smaller package. Even though the car was a piece of junk, I still smile when I see one on the road because I thought it was a cute little car that could haul a bunch of stuff while sipping gas. I loved it despite its many problems. If it had been reliable, I probably would still have it to this day! So, Hyundai, please please bring this van over!! I think the Lavita would fill a niche that is just begging to be filled.
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    Daewoo has a similar vehicle that they're planning to bring over-- if the company survives. If you look at the Daewoo-US webpage they have a name the vehicle contest. It already has a name on the world market but I'm too lazy to look it up on their global web page.
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    For those who are interested, the name of the Daewoo MPV is the Tacuma. I am guessing that Toyota would have a fit if Daewoo ended up bringing that vehicle over with that name given that Toyota has the Tacoma pick up here already.
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    There's the GMC Sierra and Toyota Sienna. There are Type-S's from Acura, and S-Types from Jaguar.
    Toyota Land Cruiser, Nissan X-Terra (land crosser).
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    in most markets. Guess it sounds more macho. We need vehicles like this in America!
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    that the Lavita will be imported in 2002. This is the kind of car we need more of, something imaginative. When I commented about Hyundai grabbing the Matrix name, I forgot about the Toyota Matrix. Funny both would use the same name for tall-wagons in different markets.
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    The Lavita is incredibly ugly. Hyundai is just starting to rebuild its name in the North American market. Some of its newer cars are even stylish (which is subjective, & I know some of you may disagree with me), such as the Elantra GT and the Santa Fe. To bring the Lavita over here would damage something that Hyundai has worked so long and hard to achieve.
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    Seems like North America is the only place in the world that they don't sell these types of vehicles. In Europe they are extremely popular, and having driven a Renault Megane Scenic for a week I can see why, it did everything really well. More room inside than most SUV's, length and width of a Honda Civic, high top speed, outstanding gas mileage, tons of torque (TDI). I guess North Americans as a whole, care more about image than utility (at least someone's marketing survey must indicate this). Other great cars in this genre - Mazda Premacy, Honda Stream. The Toyota Matrix is close to being in this group and by golly we are going to get that one!
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    but it reminds me of my beloved 86 Colt Vista. Cars like this have never sold well in the US market, but we can always hope. I sure liked the Vista a lot better than the 94 Dodge Caravan now mouldering in my driveway.
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    It looks kinda cheap.. the Lavita looks much more upscale.. and I like the Lavita's styling--not too flashy, not too boring.
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