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97 Chevy Silverado 1500 idle problem/SES light flashing

lugnuts3lugnuts3 Posts: 10
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
Hey guys had a question about my dads 1997 chevy silverado 1500 series,it has a 305 V8 under the hood,he said he was going to work and noticed his idle was acting funny,then his SES light was flashing,she has a hard time idling in park,so i figured id start by taking the throttle body off and seeing if it was nasty,and it is absolutely disgusting,could that be part of the problem? Any help will be much appreciated,thanks!


  • lugnuts3lugnuts3 Posts: 10
    Just put the throttle body back on and started it up,i noticed the engine ran alot better,but the SES light was still flashing,im thinking he may need new spark plugs and wires,he has 320,000+ miles on it,so id say shes due for a tune up
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,652

    I believe the blinking SES is more indicative of potentially serious problem then solid on light. I would get it scanned (Auto-zone and perhaps some others might scan for free).

  • lugnuts3lugnuts3 Posts: 10
    @ray08 ya my dads friend has a scanning tool hes gonna loan him,i pulled a spark plug from his truck and it looked burnt,so im gonna try putting new plugs and wires in it,thanks!
  • lugnuts3lugnuts3 Posts: 10
    Really at wits end with this truck.just put new plugs and wires and shes still idling hard and saying SES,im thinking its bad O2 sensors,i had noticed after starting it and running it i smelt a gassy smell coming from the tailpipe (running hard and rich) but before we dump any more money into this project we gotta know why its doing what its doing,so were gonna run a diagnosis and see what codes its throwing,man i hope its just those sensors! Thanks for all the help so far
  • dispencer2dispencer2 Posts: 299

    The diagnosis should have come first before you did anything.

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