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No power to fuel pump. - 2004 Ford Ranger

crickett2crickett2 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Ford

:s my fuel pump is not working so we removed it and found out that the strainer was eaten up. It had the fuel pump completely clogged up so we cleaned it and we checked it before we put it back in we got another strainer but for some reason I no longer have continuity from the fuel pump fuel tank to the battery. Ive I've checked relays I checked fuses um I disconnected the inertia switch. now while it's wired direct it runs fine. but of course that's not how I want to drive it. can you help me .


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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    edited July 2014

    Year? What model Ford?

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    crickett2crickett2 Member Posts: 2
    Sorry my ford ranger is 2004 v 6 3.o
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