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Dealer experience- Ray Catena Infiniti in Edison, NJ

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I have purchased many cars through my life and can safely say that I have not experienced a dealer, Sales Manager, and Sales Person where I walk away from the deal feeling good about it…..that is until now.

After doing much research and deciding on the Infinity G37X, I reached out to several dealers to begin negotiations. The first two dealers were as expected- never getting a straight answer, always adding variables, trying to push other options, etc. I decided to go to one more dealer, a decision that I am very happy I did.
The dealer: Ray Catena Infiniti in Edison NJ.

Let me start with the most critical aspect of the discussions - Money. Obviously, the dealer has to make money as well so the key is to find the right balance where both parties are happy and satisfied. Discussions were very open, friendly, and honest. There was never a feeling of being taken advantage of or that there are hidden surprises. I can stop my review right here and I think you will agree that this is a good review. However, it is what happened next that surprised me. You see both the Chris F, the Sales Manager, and Paul E, the Sales Consultant, took the time to get to know me and what my options and flexibility were. Then, on their own (yes, on their own) they did some research and actually presented options that brought my payments down $10 / month! (Did I say on their own?!)

The rest of the experience of the dealership (Food/beverages, Internet access, clean etc) were really just icing on the cake. This dealer is over an hour away from my house. By far there are many other dealers I could have gone with but I can guarantee that the next Infiniti I buy will be from this dealer again. I hope this review helps you in your search and good luck. (Oh, by the way, the car- Awesome!!)



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    I think you're probably looking for Dealer Reviews. People search out reviews in that module by city, state, zip code, etc.

    Congrats on the new G37!

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