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Yesterday my engine light went on & I was able to get to my Canadian Honda dealer. They read codes P1457 EVAP LEAK SYSTEM. Preformed Function Test Twice. Evap System is normal.
It cost $63. I am leaving for a 8,000 km trip to the USA next week. The dealer said if the light comes back on go visit a USA Honda dealer to let them check the system. My 2002 Odyssey (bought new) has 367,000 kms (223,600 miles). Perhaps it's time to get a 2014 Odyssey. My wife & I are both retired and the new prices scare us. Do any of you on this forum fix and keep their Odysseys until it drops at 500,000 miles or more hopefully not paying a fortune to fix them


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    I recently got rid of my '99 Quest. As it passed 200,000 miles, it started getting unreliable. I could have kept fixing stuff but I decided it was time to move on to a newer (used) van.

    Actually, my wife lost patience with it, but now that it's gone I'm enjoying the newer van a lot. But yeah, the new ones are pricy and I bet the prices are even worse up your way.

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    What did you buy?
    A Honda Odyssey EX in Canada costs $36,700 + freight of about $1,300 + HST (tax) of 13%.
    The thing that bugs my wife and I and the Canadian customers is that these Odysseys are all build in Lincoln, AL and shipped to call states and Canadian provinces, BUT the Canadians cannot get the colours that are shipped to the states. If you want that one blue you need to get the Touring edition. it costs almost $60,000. I don't want leather, a sun roof, built in GPS. I use a Garmin GPS.
    The new Nissan Quests were sold in Canada till this year; not enough sales here. They are more reliable that the Odyssey. My daughter bought a 2011? KiA Rondo. It's not listed by Consumers Report as it's not sold in the USA anymore; but it's still sold in Canada.
    You cannot purchase a USA made vehicle from the USA and have it shipped here. The American dealers, apparently will not sell to Canadians. If you were to buy it in the USA your warranty would not exist. But apparantly there are some auto brokers that can get you anything you want.

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    Another thing that bugs me is that some vehicles are build in Canada and shipped to the USA; but the Americans pay less for this vehicle that the Canadians. The Canadian government is suppost to be looking into helping the Canadians pay the same price . Good Luck with anything the government mentals in!

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    @autowrite, yeah, I've heard that about your car prices a lot.

    We got a high mileage '09 Dodge Grand Caravan. It has to make one more trip to New Mexico for our move in September and then we plan to downsize to a new hatchback. New hatchbacks are about half the price of new minivans, at least when you trick them out a bit.

    My brother is on his second Odyssey (he just got back off the Alcan) and both of his have been reliable, but most cars are pretty reliable these days.

    Importing from the US to Canada is possible but there's lots of hoops to go through (and there are gotchas, like no warranty coverage for some brands).

    Importing Canadian Vehicles to the U.S.

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