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'05 Dodge Grand Caravan, no pulse on coil negative from wire 3.

shadetreemech9shadetreemech9 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Dodge


I have an '05 grand caravan(3.8L) with no control pulse on coil negative from wire 3. So I'm thinking have no firing for cylinders 1 & 4. I checked the wire side with spark testor and there is no spark from them. I backprobed the pulse wires to the coil. There is no pulse for wire 3 which feeds middle coil tower(for 1&4) I checked resistance on the wire(K19 according to OEM Service Manual) at the PCM, and it is reading zero(0) for K19(wire 3 into coil). Resistance is fine for other 2 wires also.

What do I do next? Why am I getting no negative pulse to coil on only one wire(but the wire is good.)
And yes, of course the engine light is on. Basic OBDII check suggested misfire on a couple of cylinders. . . I already knew that. It is, of course, running very rough and isn't really driveable(which is doubtless bad for it it in this condition.)

Informed comments and questions greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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