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image2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Road Test | Edmunds.com

Edmunds' road test of the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R Coupe includes on-road driving impressions, instrumented test data, specs, photos, video and more.

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  • se_riouslyse_riously Member Posts: 94

    I'd get this over a Nissan GT-R any day. This is one of those cars that look good enough to compensate for the high maintenance costs.

  • nam4nam4 Member Posts: 1

    As current owner of 911 Turbo (6-sp manual, 997.1) I don't see myself even taking this car into consideration in a couple of years when upgrading. 8-sp automatic is archaic. If I don't get manual, I want double clutch.
    My turbo is brutally fast, extremely sharp and accurate steering (way better than E46 M3 competition package that I use to own too), and looks good. I want something similar or better. Nissan GTR fits the bill (well looks good part excluded, but it is subjective).
    I did look into comparison of F-type R and GTR on line. There is no comparison. GTR destroyed it. Hence for $100k this F-type R has some serious rivals to overcome (new Z06, which I think will be exceptional car), and I don't see how it can do it. I see Jaguar F-type R as a cheaper version of Aston Martin without manual gearbox. It will probably appeal to older crowd that does not want too much performance but like jaguar badge.

  • gtrguy2012gtrguy2012 Member Posts: 14

    Heavy competition in that price range, all of which will easily our perform this car. So really, you're paying for looks and brutish V8 sound, nothing wrong with that but selling this car as a "performance oriented" model isn't the best idea. It would make an amazing GT, but serious sports car? No way. GTR or 911 or R8 over this all day.

  • cjasiscjasis Member Posts: 274

    This is an extremely good looking car (ok, except for when it's covered in the terrible paint choice this one is) that sounds unbelievably good in person. It is as fast as anyone can really ever use. But... it's a Jag. That means that it will depreciate as fast ast it accelerates and anyone who buys one should expect problems. Finally, no stick shift + no sale to me. For my money, and my family, I'd still be in the Porsche.

  • cohenfivecohenfive Member Posts: 85

    Maybe best to buy one a year or two old. It is gorgeous, inside and out, and I for one am glad to see the company playing in this league. According to other sources, likely that a true manual (not dual clutch) is on the way.

  • skipmidskipmid Member Posts: 1

    I drove the R8 Spyder, did not want to have one of the many 911's on the road, and as fast as it is, could care less about owning a Datsun other than a 240Z. F-Type is far under the price tag of a comparable Audi R8 that feels like the Lotus - $60k less - and $30k less than a comparable Porsche or Merc. I had the 2011 XKR - held its value well since Tata and I love my F-Type - VIN 004 and no issues - The only car I loved as much was the 760LI but as soon as maintenance agreement ended BMW gets way pricey. Well done Tata - Jag is here to stay - read the comp reviews - most say the same thing

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