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image2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Is Fastest Muscle Car Ever, Chrysler Says | Edmunds.com

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the fastest muscle car ever with a National Hot Rod Association-certified 1/4 –mile elapsed time of 11.2 seconds at 125 mph with stock Pirelli P275/40ZR20 P Zero tires.

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  • sxty8stangsxty8stang Member Posts: 58

    Yeah...before we anoint the Challenger Hellcat as the fastest ever, let's see a straight up drag race between it and a 2014 Shelby GT-500. With only 45 less horses and a lot less weight, I think the Shelby may take that race.

  • greenponygreenpony Member Posts: 531

    5.0 Mustang competes with this monster? Come on, really?

  • csubowtiecsubowtie Member Posts: 143

    Digging deep into their history? Like, so deep, ya know, like all the way back to the reintroduction of the Charger and Challenger nameplates. Also, Corvette Z06 and a 5.0 Mustang? How about Camaro ZL1 and Shelby GT-500.

  • ishouldahadav8ishouldahadav8 Member Posts: 2
    edited July 2014

    [non-permissible content removed], but seriously Ms. Lienert to say the competitors for this car are the slower standard Mustang 5.0 and then the out of the category Z06 is just bad journalism and a dishonest representation of what this cars competitors really are. The Competitors are more likely the ZL1 and the Shelby GT-500. Granted the horsepower of the "Hellcat"(What a dumb name) is awesome and it is indeed the new numerical horsepower king for this class of car, however it is still a big fat pig riding on an archaic platform. I'm not sure the lighter weight of the Shelby is enough to compensate for the power advantage of the SRT-HC, but I bet a non manufacture sponsored race between the two would be closer than Fiat/Chrysler would care to admit.

    Even though I am a Camaro fan and don't like either the Shelby or the SRT-HC, I know and will humbly admit none of the current iterations of the Bowtie have it on either going down the drag strip so we won't even give that a hypothetical race. Put the SRT on the track and then I think the ZL1 would give it a race, but the Z/28 despite the power disadvantage would be showing the SRT some tail lights. All that power won't be able to overcome how piggish and old the SRT's chassis is.

    Getting back to the 2015 Z06 as a competitor. This is just laughable Ms. Lienert and Fiat. Even if the "Hellcat" could hang with the Vette in a straight line for a short time, the second the road or track throws a curve in the mix it will be bye-bye, see you later, thanks for playing. The two are not competitors and will probably not be cross shopped very often. Saying they are competitors would also put it up against the Viper, and since most fans of the SRT will be mopar diehards shopping in the Dodge dealerships they should be more worried about the Viper becoming an even slower seller.

  • cahoonapcahoonap Member Posts: 1

    It's not a track cars guys, pure straight line muscle car. I don't know about you but 99.8% of my life is driving a car on roads with speed limits. I'm sure if muscle heads want to race on the street and not the track that 10 out of 10 would be doing a drag race. I don't see people weaving in and out of traffic drifting or hugging the 4-way interception. However that few times in my life time I go to the track I most likely would pick the a drag strip. Btw to one of the comments I've seen, a 2014 Shelby with drag radials would be a good race for the Hellcat 8spd on stock tires.

  • wurkwurk Member Posts: 1

    Motor Trend pulled a 11.6 on stock tires with the GT500 and it is severely traction limited. Put them both on drag radials and put a couple good drivers in. Let's see who is who.

  • ishouldahadav8ishouldahadav8 Member Posts: 2

    For those stop light to stop light drag racers who want to prove their manhood all the while endangering the public at large, there are many a hopped up ricer Civic or stock Mustang out there for you to accomplish this feat. For those of us who could care less about the who's who on the boulevard, if I'm gonna plunk down 70 to 80 large on a fast car, I would like it to do all things well.

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