Possible Issues with the Scion 2014 xB

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I have started looking at vehicles to replace a 2004 Highlander and like many things about the xB. I'm hoping someone can address a few concerns:

  1. Has the issue with excessive oil consumption in earlier model years been resolved? I don't like the idea of putting in a quarter of oil every 1500 miles and being told by Scion/Toyota that it is normal.

  2. In later model years there are quite a few reports of airbags failing to deploy in serious front-end crashes. How extensive is this problem?

  3. Is the ground clearance of 5.1" an issue when driving on roads and alleys with potholes? What is it that is only 5.1" from the ground? Is the 5.1" clearance under the engine somewhere between the front wheels?

Thanks in advance for any answers!



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    I test drove a couple of xBs a couple of months ago and didn't have any clearance issues (not that I was driving over anything other than some driveway aprons). The departure angles are okay I think, considering (and 5.1 isn't all that unusual, unfortunately). My old van's oil pan got dented good over the years and the front overhang was bad. My old Subaru's GC really spoiled me - it was ~8 inches, compared to your Highlander's 6.9".

    Don't know about the oil consumption ("burning" oil between changes bugs the heck out of me too) nor about the air bags.

    The issues I had with the test drives were the oversized console and the interior trim quality. I'm used to an upright seating position and that console got in the way of my knees. The price is good but the interior is pretty basic.

    I dunno, I think we'd been pretty happy with the xB. Loved the big empty and I might have just ripped the console out and put in into storage. Some duck tape would have covered up the hole nicely. B)

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    I just bought a Scion 2014 XB and I don't like the rear seats. There is no way to adjust them or I haven't found it...they just fold down and when you bring them back up they are not very comforatble...Also I hate the color of my scion...it is WHITE and was the only one left at dealer...I would love to have had a RED one then I would be completely happy...the screen that shows what is behind you when backing up would be nice to be able to put DVD in
    and be able to watch movie while my husband does the driving
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