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Need help identifying a sensor, 2004 Kia Sedona.

redracer024redracer024 Member Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Kia

Trying to figure out what this sensor is and what it does. See photos.

i got this van at auction and the speedometer never worked, tranny seemed to have intermittent shifting problems, not bad, it shifted smooth but seemed like it didnt know when to shift and i heard it was one of the in/out speed sensors, while i was replacing those today i noticed this mystery sensors wires had been cut, i tried to get it out and broke it in the process, i havent tried to drive it yet with the new in/out sensors installed i figured since i had this mystery sensor out and everything taken apart already i would try to replace it and splice the wires but cant figure out what it is. it plugs up to the top back of the trans.

also if it comes down to it will it hurt anything to drive it with out anything installed? keep in mind the wires had been cut to it already, i dont know why, so it hasnt worked since i got it.

i will need to buy the sensor and the wiring to it

only marking on it are:
on the black part the plugs up to it

and 007 and 497l on the tan sensor part

a google search on these showed up nothing

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