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1999 Pontiac Bonneville engine quitting

bfaye87bfaye87 Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Pontiac
I bought the car, a 99 Bonneville v6 sse, used back in November, just recently passed 200k. It has been a good running vehicle, i have gotten regular oil changes and maintenance. I had to get the radiator flushed and a new thermostat due to overheating, was told mixing of antifreeze was sludging up the radiator, this was back in May and no problems since.

Just the other day I drove the 20-25 minutes home from work, there were no indications on the dashboard gauges, and the car quit on me. The radio, gauges, and air conditioning were still all working even after it shut off. It dinged and said "check gauges", and the engine light was lit up (not "check engine" indicator) but there was absolutely no indication on the gauges that there were any problems. I tried starting it again and it turns over with absolutely no problem, but it quits a few seconds after. I left it where it was, thankfully only about 5 yards from my building, and went out a few times and tried starting it again, after about 4 hours it started and ran fine, so i was able to park it. I have turned it over a few times since and it starts fine and will run with no problems, but i am afraid to drive it anywhere, I am 8 months pregnant and live in the fires of hell (100+ days in South Dakota) so I can't afford to have it quit on me and be stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions of what could be wrong? I haven't been able to get anyone to come look at it, but it is my only mode of transportation and if I can't figure it out and get it fixed I will have no ride to my doctor's appointments or to and from work. :(
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