We've Cleared 10,000 Miles - 2014 Kia Cadenza Limited Long-Term Road Test

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imageWe've Cleared 10,000 Miles - 2014 Kia Cadenza Limited Long-Term Road Test

Our 2014 Kia Cadenza has made it past 10,000 miles. So far it's been trouble free.

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    Ermm.... What about what was posted during the 7500 mile service?
    "We've had several problems with the Kia. First, the fuel tank neck was not securely attached to the car's body, which in addition to being a fairly significant mechanical problem, consistently triggered fuel pumps to shut off early. Also, a member of our video team reported that the Cadenza entered its limp mode as he drove around town. The problem was solved using the tried and true "turning it off and on again" method, but it needed to be addressed. I grabbed the keys for the weekend and brought it to Kia of Cerritos.
    I met with my service advisor, Nick, at 2:45 p.m. and explained what I needed. He appeared baffled at the lack of bolts securing the fuel tank neck and concluded it might have been an oversight at the assembly plant. He would also check for error codes relating to the car's limp mode activating. He promised to call back before 5:30, and I was on my way.

    At 4:30, Nick contacted me with updates. Service was done but, disappointingly, there were no error codes to explain the Cadenza's earlier limp-mode failure. I was told the techs attempted to recreate the problem to no avail. If the problem manifested itself again, we were to take it to the nearest dealer immediately to diagnose the problem. Four big bolts now rendered the fuel tank neck immobile. The bolts aren't pretty, but they are correct."

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    Considering you weren't hitting the mark exactly anyway, could you have not pulled over to take this picture?

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