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Any value in left over parts?

mainlyymainlyy Posts: 17
edited July 2014 in Lincoln

I have an 03 Lincoln Navigator, the air ride control module went and the compressor isn't filling the air bags. I am swapping out the air ride system for coil and strut system instead. I will have four perfectly useable air bags and gas struts assembly as well as the compressor and dryer. One of the gas struts was replaced less than one thousand miles ago or so. Would it be worth my while putting them up for sale? I figure with the huge cost of the components to this system, someone might appreciate a bargain price. I would hate just throwing them away, plus they may help defer the cost of the swap. Thanks..................

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  • mainlyymainlyy Posts: 17

    I forgot to mention.....The 03 Navigator has about 122,000 miles on it...........

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