Head Boggling Problems

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So here's the deal. I have read a lot of similar things about issues like this, but not anything that actually matches what is going on with my car so I figured Id ask around. So last summer I noticed my car started having problems driving in the warmer weather,. The hotter the weather, the more the issue. It would start bogging down when accelerating, and whatnot. Anyways diagnosed the MAF as the problem this summer and have been driving fine ever since. But here is the issue. I have had a P0134 code ever since I got the car, and replaced the Upstream sensor a few times to no change. Have traced some of the wires and have not found a break. Getting voltage to the plug. Assuming my PCM is dead, as I also get random anti-lock and brake lights on my dash every now and again. Upstream sensor data sits at .455 volts constantly. Downstream sits in the .8-.9's, which to my knowledge should be under .5 no matter what. Need to pass emissions, and cant tell if car has a bad cat/bad pcm. Bout to junk this [non-permissible content removed].


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