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1999 Pontiac Bonneville engine stalls - possible cat converter issue?

bfaye87bfaye87 Member Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Pontiac

I was wondering if the catalytic converter being faulty causes the car to stall?
I have only recently had the problem and it stalled once, I drove my way home from work, it's a 18 mile commute. I have not had problems with it stalling before this. I drove home, it is 65 mph from work to home, and about a quarter mile from my house, it stalled. The AC was working, the electronics were working, radio worked, etc. The only thing it stalled and the dash said "check gauges" (not check engine). There was no indicator on the dash that there was anything wrong, all levels (temp, voltage, oil pressure) etc, were reading normal. I turned the car over and it started fine, but would only stay running for about 3 seconds. It only happened once, I let the car sit for about 4 hours and tried it again. It started up just fine and it will run just fine for a certain amount of time. I haven't driven it since. I had someone come and look at the car, he looked it over, tried running it and everything, he said it is the catalytic converter. I asked him about the fuel filter or fuel pump, because that is what my dad told me it might be (he lives far away so can't look at it for me) but he said he can hear the fuel pump when he started the car so he didn't think that was it at all.

I haven't been able to find anyone else to come look at it, and I wanted some advice before I invest in a $100 part, I really can't afford to waste $100 on a part that I may or may not need.

Thank you.

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