2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Production May Be Limited to 1,200 Cars | Edmunds.com

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image2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Production May Be Limited to 1,200 Cars | Edmunds.com

Production of the $60,990 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat may be limited to as few as 1,200 cars, Edmunds has learned.

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  • tacomamudpittacomamudpit Member Posts: 65

    Swell, I thought this would be a regular prodcution car 'so to speak' like a Mustang GT, Corvette Z06, or Camaro. With a production run of what is 'suspected' to be 1,200 cars based on the article - Kiss any $60K sticker out the window as fast as you can burn the tires or pass a gas station! This Hellcat will demand a "HUGE" premium well in exxess of any MSRP sticker.

  • ggdonziggdonzi Member Posts: 1

    Same B.S. as GM & Ford expect extreme price increases. Probably as much as double list!!!

  • rdsoldschoolrdsoldschool Member Posts: 0

    1200 only is not cool at all. With that kind of talk it's not looking good that I will be one of those 1200 lucky few to own one. I'm hoping your source is just a bunch of BS. The marketing on the Hellcat has been Peeerfact up until this low production number you are claiming. What the hell? I know they have to have a target number but with all the build up of this beast and then to say that only 1200 will be made has just popped a big hole in their efforts to bring the SRT badge to light. Thanks for the let down! With that low of a number it's not even worth turning on the lights. Add another zero and we might have a chance of having one.

  • dc325ixdc325ix Member Posts: 4
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    chrysler you are idiots - you finally realize the dream of producing a car that runs with the vette, ZL1, GT 500 and what do you idiots do...decide not to mass market it but limited production run, so that your crappy dealers can mark up the car to a ridiculous amount. It amazes me how your accounting and marketing team can screw up such a good thing, you should all be fired for even suggesting it.

  • pks5pks5 Member Posts: 1

    Well I was very interested in purchasing one but not now. Go back and look at Camaro. Not going to claw kick and fight for a American V8 production muscle car. Probably won't even follow the news anymore. Kinda killed the excitement.

  • xprojectedxprojected Member Posts: 6

    To those freaking out.. they said the 2015 Hellcat was limited to 1200 copies. That doesn't mean they won't make more the next year. The SRT-8 was limited in its first year, too.

  • hellrazrhellrazr Member Posts: 1

    I just bought one yesterday, plunked down $5k for a deposit and will get it in December.
    No mark up whatsoever. Why do you all freak out over rumour? If you want one buy one.

  • rayzazoorayzazoo Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2014

    Hod Rod Magazine: Will there be a future for the Hellcat? Is it a limited production car?
    Tim Kuniskis: This one I love, because I’m so pissed about this. Someone wrote an article and said, ‘F Dodge, they built this awesome car but they are only gonna build 1200 of them and I’ll never be able to get one,’ [non-permissible content removed]. We never said that! I don’t know where the guy got that information. The Hellcat is not limited production. We’ll see what the demand is, but definitely not limited to 1200.


  • chryslergroupchryslergroup Member Posts: 35

    No limits on the production of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, we intend to make as many as we have orders for.

    Customer Care
    Chrysler Group LLC

  • jorge62jorge62 Member Posts: 2

    My friend already bought one and he paid almost 80 grant i was thinking about buying one but i think I'm going to buy a shelby instead.

  • ramofromeramofrome Member Posts: 1

    oh and for the guy that just bought one.. We can't even order one until Sept 8th on the next allocation.

  • carguy1966carguy1966 Member Posts: 1
    I own a few 1970s Chevy muscle cars. When I read a recent magazine article comparing the Challenger Hellcat to the Camaro I was blown away by how impressive the Dodge was. I started researching this amazing car a little more and within 24 hours decided I had to have one. I was not put off by the sticker price and was prepared to pay list, something I have never done. I called my local Dodge dealer this morning to inquire as to the process. A salesperson from the self proclaimed #1 Dodge dealer in the Country based in Las Vegas told me to come on in and give them a deposit to get on the list. He also stated that pricing has not yet been determined. When I informed him that pricing was determined and that I “built” the car on the Dodge website, he informed me that that price was not real and that every dealer in the Country will be marking up the price because the car was ‘hot”. I hung up without wanting more details. Dodge may be on its way back and it seems like they are building great product but unfortunately the greed of their dealers will stop me from being a customer. I can see a Chevy dealer from my office window, maybe I’ll take a stroll over there. The Camaro may not be as fast but at least I should be able to pay a “fair” price there.
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