Crew/ Quadcab GMC, Ford, Dodge. I can't decide!!! HELP!!!

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Well, it's come down to one thing. I want a crewcab/ quadcab 4WD pickup, but I'm at a loss as to whether I should go with the 2K1 Sierra 1500CC, 2K1 F150 LariatCC, or the 2K1 DakotaQC!!! I've test driven each of them, and still can't decide. I'm hoping I can get some enlightenment from everyone out there. Here's the gist: I only want this truck for driving. The most I "might" be pulling with it is a sport bike or jet ski. Nothing else. I also don't want to drain my wallet on gas. Now, I know the Sierra 1500 crew cab comes equipped with the 6.0 liter as standard (Damn the General for that!!!) and I can't find any specifics on the gas mileage!!! Even the dealer's invoices didn't show this!! The F150 is really nice, but didn't feel as big as the Sierra. The Dakota was okay considering it's size, but from the numbers, I would do better with either the Sierra or F150 because the gas mileage is basically the same or less on the Dakota. I'M STUMPED!!! Can anyone help me out in my decision at all??


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    The chevy and GMC 1500 counterpart comes with a 5.3 liter as the maximum size engine available. The 6.0 is available starting with the 2500 series. The ford offers the 5.4 as the maximum size. The dakota, as nice of a truck as it may be is not the same size as the other two that you are considering. I would agree, you are confused.
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    Hmm, seems as though you're the one who's confused. At least about what you know about these particular trucks. The Sierra comes in a Crew Cab 1500 "HD" with the 6.0 liter as standard fare. You can check their website so you'll know what you're talking about. I know all of the ratings for the F150's 5.4 and the Dakota's 4.7 & 5.9. I'm not confused at all about the vehicles. I'm just looking for anyone who might be willing to offer some insight on their own particular experiences with these particular trucks.
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    All you're gonna get is buy the Chevy from the GM camp and get the Ford from the Ford camp. Both trucks have documented problems here on Edmunds. IMHO, it seems the GM trucks have more of the same probs. while the fords have random problems.

    My advice is drive the ones you are considering and buy the one you like the best. The dealer always is part of the equation when choosing .
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    you forgot to mention the dodge...

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    As someone pointed out, there is a substantial size difference between some of the vehicles on your list.
    I just picked up a Dodge QC last week, and a couple of days later, a co-worker picked up the F150, and there's definitely a size difference. (Which also translates to how far a gallon of gas will take you).
    I guess the question is what is going to be your ultimate use for this vehicle, and how much "stuff" do you wish to carry around?
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    I don't really plan on hauling much of anything with this truck. I'm leaning towards one of the two fullsize because of just that, the size. I'm getting mixed numbers on the Dakota QC when it comes to mileage with the 4.7, which is what I would be going with if I choose the Dakota. Whichever truck I choose, it will be a daily driver, more for hauling friends than any real cargo or trailers. I'm just wondering if anyone can let me know their own experiences with one of these particular trucks. At this point, I'm leaning heavily towards the F150 because the Sierra CC 1500 is basically a 2500 because of it's HD rating and 8 lugs as opposed to the normal 6, and also there's the factor of the gas mileage with the 6.0 liter. Thanks for the info so far!!! It's helping out scads!!!
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    The size of the cab and the size of the bed you want. In my opinion, the Dakota is small, too small for me. The F150 SuperCrew is nice, the motor is nice, the bed is too small for me. The 1500HD would be my choice, it has the 6 1/2 foot bed I need. It is also alot more capable than the Ford or the Dodge, it is a 8600 GVW, and basically a 3/4 ton.

    The 1500HD would be my choice, but will it park where you need to park, and fit in your garage.

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    To argue with Matt from before, I am a definite GM camper, but in this case would recommend the Ford for you. From what your needs dictate, the Ford is the best choice. The Dakota is a smaller truck, and that offsets the original need for the crew cab. If you need more hauling/towing down the road, by the GM. Based on your current needs, buy the Ford. The bottom line is they are all decent trucks in their own rights. Test each one again, and weigh the pros & cons.
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    The 1500HD was thier 2500 LD. Care to compare the Dakota (a compact pickup truck) with a rebadged full size and not realize they are not close to the same thing. The GMC is over 20" longer. Care to look up the GVWR of the two? I love reading posts from guys "that know thier ratings" and then "compare" a full size crew cab to a compact pickup.
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    I own a 01 dakota QC 4x4 and had the same needs as wlm26; I haul my family of four more than anything and it's a daily driver that's still capable of hauling whatever I'll need. It's got plenty of room for me and has been trouble free so far. The 4.7 is giving me avg 14mpg, but it'll do 19 or 20 on the highway. Did I WANT a big [non-permissible content removed] truck? yep, I love the ford f250 4 doors with long bed. Did I NEED it? nope. The Dodge is a nice size for a daily driver, IMHO. But get whatever YOU like best, it's your money..
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    Know how you feel about trying to decide on a truck. There are many choices out there.
    I went with the Dodge Dakota Quad 4x4. See my profile for details.
    If you review the gas mileage figures, virtually all 4x4's drink gas big time.
    My daily commute to work is only 13 miles one way, so I was not really concerned about mpg figures.
    This truck usually averages 16.5 mpg with mostly city/rural road driving. low 14, high 18.5. Seems to be getting better with use and warmer weather.
    Basically what I was looking for, was a pickup truck, which could haul 4 adult size people and camping/fishing gear.
    Being a mid-size truck, it is easy to manuever in traffic and parking lots. Coming from a small car, this truck is plenty big. I felt too over-whelmed in the full size trucks. Next truck may be full size though.
    You'll have to decide on how you will use a truck, as far as people and cargo hauling goes.
    good luck
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    I've had the hardest time trying to figure out what I'm going to go with, but considering the responses I've gotten I've gotten that much closer!! I've narrowed it down to either the Sierra 1500HD Crew Cab 4WD, or the Dakota QC 4WD. I'm getting mixed responses on the gas mileage for the Dakota, though. I've read 14 city, 17 highway with the 4.7 liter (I can't believe that!! Ford's 5.4 gets better and it's much bigger!!) As for the Sierra, not even the dealer can tell me what the ratings are for the 6.0 liter!! Anyone out there got a Sierra 1500HD Crew Cab 4WD and can tell me what I might expect mpg-wise?????
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    the Dakota with the 4.7 will give you more "Smiles-per-mile" than the heavier Ford with the 5.4. Not that it's a bad combination, just that Dakota w/4.7 will fly.
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    Anyone see the F-150 and Ram crash tests on dateline last night?

    Man, the Ram did pretty bad, but the F-150 suffered "complete failure" of the safety cage. One of the engineers basically said "if you own this truck, get rid of it."

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    Check out this website: .It has all the latest news on the new 2002 & up Ram Crewcabs(4 full size doors!!).Dodge is still going to call them Quadcabs for now. I might get a new 2500 version when the time is right. Good Luck on which ever brand you choose!
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    The reason you aren't getting anything from the dealer or EPA on the 1500HD is that it is classified as a truck over 8600GVW and therefore does not fall into the SUV or pickup catagory so GM doesn't have to factor these trucks into their CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) figures. My brother is in the process of buying a '01 GMC Crew Cab 4X4 1500HD with 6.0L and 3.73. I've searched around this site and some others and have gotten estimates of around 12-13 mpg city and 14-15 mpg highway if that helps.

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    I bought a new 1500HD 2WD and got 15mpg on the first long trip. I am still under 2000 miles so
    I expect to pick up another 1-2 mpg. This is better than I expected. Cruise speed was around
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    I've had my '01 QC 4x4 since last October, and it keeps getting better. Too many positives to list them all but here are a few.

    4.7L V-8 AT (Tons of power for a mid-size truck)

    At 10k miles, I got 18.5 on a 200 mile trip pulling a 14 ft boat/motor.

    The return trip got 20.5 mpg. (65-75 MPH) no boat

    Looks great: Pick-ups are all over, the Dakota isn't just another look-a-like. (If you don't like women checking you out, this isn't the truck for you)

    4 full size doors - Don't discount this. A regular extended cab Chevy/Ford/Ram isn't like this. Check it out. Your passengers will pick the Dakota.

    Smaller size: Do you live in a city?
    (This can be a negative, the box is smaller)

    My second choice would be the Chevy 1500 HD that is coming out this year.
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    I had always owned Fords and still love them. When the F150SCrew was due out, I got all the literature to make my purchase. Then I saw a Dakota Quadcab at a dealership. After taking one for a test drive and doing my research, I got an 01. It fit my needs great, garages better and gets good gas mileage (16+)when I am not towing. I also pull a 4500 lb boat with it.
    Pros: Size, beautiful engine (4.7L), comfortable seats, looks, mileage, great ride comfort, saved $4-5000.
    Cons: Short bed, F150SCrew 5.4L is probably a better towing setup.
    If it meets your need, the F150 would be fine, but I suspect that you would find the QC a better match to your needs. Test drive them all and then make your call.
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    F150 SuperCREW.

    With the big rebate announced this week, it is the best deal for your application.
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    about a Dakota Quad when I traded my '99 GMC X-cab. I never drove one but spent a lot time sitting in one and fiddling with the seats and tilt wheel. Could NEVER get to where it felt anywhere near as comfortable as mine. Naturally the QC was a little narrower but seemed to have about the same leg room as my X-cab. Bought an '01 GMC X-cab and it isn't as comfy as my "99 was either! Had to have that 4th door.
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    I also had the same problem in deciding.


    I looked at ALL of them, too, from Super crew to Tundra. My needs are the same: Carry friends around with some comfort, live in LA, strong motor, respectable off-roadability, and not as long as a city block but the bed has to be longer than 5' (so I can put my at in it.) This is a truck for strictly play and play only.

    After turning away the tundra (back bench seating is unacceptable!!!), the Dakota quad cab was about to my pick. However, the hide height is not good. Too short for me. Then I saw the all new Dodge Ram at the auto show earlier this year. Hot damn, it looks like the Dakota's dad. take a look at


    Just in case you started feeling the same way I did.

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