CX-7 Worth Nothing

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I have a 2011 CX-7 Grand Touring with Turbo in brilliant black and only 14,000 miles. My CX-7 looks better than when I got it from dealer in August 2011. CX-7 is detailed every month. Am considering trading CX-7 in and was told that because of Turbo issue my CX-7 is worth literally nothing. Same vehicle in condition mine is in would bring in top money. Am beyond disgusted. Did complain to Highway Traffic Administration and to Mazda. Mazda gave me an extended warranty. This warranty does not make up for value loss of CX-7. Heard that there is a class action suit, I would absolutely join. Mazda you let us down with this Turbo.


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    Look at your dipstick: is says FOMOC: Ford Motor Company, Mazda got hooped
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