Honda Odyssey will not start.

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I am the owner of a 2004 Honda Odyssey, just recently it has been acting oddly.

The first thing that started to happen was when I tried to start the van it would only make a clicking noise from the starter and that’s it, after a few attempts to start, it would.

Then out of the blue the radio and the power sockets in the front and in the rear stopped working, I was fine without the radio and power sockets not working but it was just odd.

Then out of the blue when making a quick trip to the store, the van did not want to start when trying to go home.

All the lights would turn on as if it was going to start but would not, no clicking noise from the starter nothing just the ding (as if the door was open) and the lights coming on (which was normal)

So I have started to make repairs, after I pulled the battery out I had it tested and its good. Then I pulled the starter out and checked the flywheel and no missing teeth no issues that I could see, the starter was burnt out so I replaced with a brand new one. As I replaced it I also noticed that the battery cables where worn so I went ahead and replaced the cables going to the starter, and the batter terminal connector. After going through everything to make sure there was nothing that would cause any future issues, I went ahead and finished putting everything back together.

When I attempted to start it, I could hear the ding (as if the door was open) and all the lights come on in the dash (which was all normal) however all I heard was a click from the starter but the van would not start what so ever.

I checked all the fuses and there are none that are bad, but I replaced all of them anyway, still will not start.

The batter was tested at Voltage: 12.62V, Measured: 704CCA The batter cables are all bran new and no corrosion, the starter is new, and there are no missing teeth on the flywheel.

Am Stumped what else would cause it to not start ?

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