Kia Optima improvements between 2012-2014?

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Purchased a used Optima 2012 sx-t gdi loaded a little over a year ago. Put a good chunk down so payments are very low. Dealer called today, said the 2012 is so popular he is willing to buy it back and put me into a 14, same payment, no money down. Anyone owned both? Any changes I should be aware of?


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    This is really just a sales pitch to get people back in the showroom. But it doesn't hurt to look and play with the numbers, so long as you understand that lots of people get calls, letters and emails saying "we want your car".

    Another thing to think about is that the 2015s are out (at least in a few markets). It's possible that Kia is offering bonus money to the dealer to get rid of the 2014 inventory. Nothing wrong with that either and you might just walk into a great deal.

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    Thanks. My 2012 SX-t is worth approximately $20,400, and I have about $9,500 equity. The SXL 2014 new could be had for around $34,000, which would leave $24,500, well over double what's owed on the 2012. Any dealer incentives would have to be massive to make it remotely doable.

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    Has anyone looked into lease offer $0 down $250 a month lease for Optima LX? Was wondering if they could do any better then that?

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