Need Help / Advice. I have a criminal, thief mechanic.

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2008 Jeep Laredo 3.7 V6... I think I have a criminal, thief mechanic.. I can help you with your PC - but I'm no mechanic. I am looking for feedback from those of you that are and possibly give me some insight as to what I have to do this week.

My Jeep was overheating and was able to drive it to a kwik-lube/minor repair shop. They told me the block was cracked and I would need to find the appropriate mechanic. I drove it home 2 miles and after it cooled down recorded
​ 30 second video of it running, link at the bottom.

I found a mechanic and the circus began. First bid was 800; but that quickly changed to 1200.00 as he said the head was indeed cracked. I was OK with this. The head was taken to a machine shop where he again raised the price and told me the head was beyond repair and a new.rebuilt or used one CORRECTION TWO were now needed. He said that both heads have to be done or the Jeep would not run correctly after repairs. I went along all the way to this point where I met him at his shop and said NO MORE.. He said no more surprises, the final price would be 1700.00.. Confirmed and agreed not to exceed 1700.00 3 times on that day. I paid him another 600.00 leaving me a balance of $ 500.00, it was clearly understood that I would pay 500.00 when I picked my car up.. NOT THE CASE

The car is now done but the cost went up and I believe the lies got bigger. He has stated I owe another 800.00.. his exact words ""the head job 'did not' include the water pump, we didn't discover that until we were putting heads back on. It also didn't include radiator flush or crank shaft key' which was broken.These items were separate from the head job which would have run upwards of $5000 at the dealer"

So I asked for verification... He has stated that none of the old parts are available for inspection, the machine shop trashed the old block, he will not show me any PO or invoice for his cost, will not tell me the machine shop he supposedly went to first. I'm no mechanic but this sounds like total BS.

My understanding the water pump is under 50.00 and 30 minutes to replace since the engine was already broken down, the radiator flush should be part of the head job and I am not sure what the crankshaft key does but the jeep would start when it was picked up. I feel this guy is a crook, I have learned he doesn't even own the shop where the car was taken and repaired, that shop has a different name and registered to another person. His company being AA Transmission and Auto Repair shows to be an apartment in Carrolton, Texas. He has also taken my jeep from the location where it was repaired and as far as I know has it in his possession somewhere. I have already paid 1200.00 and will gladly pay the 500.00 as agreed to get my jeep back in good working order. I need some professional advice on this additional 800.00 of work he claims, what any suggestions as far as my options at this point... as stated we are in Denton County of Texas. Thank You in advance for any advice. ​


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