I want to buy a new small car this week, and would like to benefit from your new car research

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I have purchased a new car before, and I spent weeks studying all the variables. I am now back to driving my old 24 year old truck, and in need of another new car. But now my time is limited for doing research, and I quickly got overwhelmed by the daunting task. I know there are people out there right now who are knee-deep in research, and I would like to know if you will share your information and thoughts with me . I started a new job in a different town 2 weeks ago, and the commute is too much for my old truck. So I need a new car, and need one this week. Price is my main concern. I want the best deal I can get with rebates and financing, etc, and affordability. My credit score is very high so I will qualify for 0% financing. I doubt I will qualify for any of the obscure rebates they offer. I want a small car. What is the best deal I can get out there, whether it be for purchase or lease? I do not have any savings so I won't be able to put anything down for a lease, however. Is the best possible price going to likely be with the Kia Rio or Dodge Dart? That's what my initial research has shown. I just want a great price and low monthly payment. I don't want used, I want new.. Any information you could share with me to help me on my way is GREATLY appreciated.


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    take out the Sunday paper, and look at all the screamer ads in the car section. that should give you a starting point.

    not sure of your miles usage. A lease can work, but on a cheaper car, if they have cheap financing, might as well just take out a 4-5 year loan (at .9 or some such) to keep the payments lower.

    my favorite small car is the Mazda 3. You can get a pretty good deal on a more basic model. Hyundai Elantra might be a good bet for you, since they are blowing them out and tend to have cheap financing. The Dart, I am not that fond of it, but I bet you can get one cheap.

    might want to go up a size. Hyundai is practically giving away the 2014 (old style) Sonata at this point if there are any left. Ditto for the Nissan Altima. Mid size, but get very good MPG. Oh, Camry's are being blown out too.

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    Ok great, I do like the Camry and Altima, I will check to see what kind of deal I can get. I don't drive much. My mileage is 25 miles round trip per day to work, and I tend to be a home body. So I don't think a lease is a good option for me. I will come in way below their mileage limits. May as well buy one, and benefit from the resale of having very low mileage. I don't like the Dart either. It doesn't appeal to me. I am surprised elantra is offering deals. That seems to be a hot selling car.

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    Can you go as small as a Honda Fit (extremely versatile car) or do you mean compact car only? In that case look at lower trim lines of Hyundai Elantra and Nissan Sentra or the Versa. Also, take your question over to the forum Help Me Choose as more posters have that already on their discussion list. What is the price you are hoping to pay? Size? Number of doors? Gas mileage? Try to narrow down your needs and you'll get more information that will help you out.

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    Good suggestion @suydam. Here's the link. Help Me Choose.

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    Ok thanks I will take my ball and go over to the Help Me Choose. I didn't know there was such a category. The Fit is too expensive. I am a poor man, so price is my primary concern. But just looking at the MSRP isn't entirely helpful because if I can, say, find a new Camry that has, say, a big discount then that would be a better deal than a rock bottom priced Versa that doesn't have any discounts.

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    how would one find "Help Me Choose" if you hadn't mentioned it to me? I do not see any categories in the forum that list Help Me Choose. How
    would I find it if I were new, and did not know about its existence?

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    @wheels29, we had to change forum software a while back and lost some of the category structure. And yeah, some discussions are harder to find now. The way most "newbies" are finding that discussion is doing a net or forum search for "help" or "choose". The "regulars" managed to update their bookmarks here to keep track of their favorite discussions. Bit of a pain, but at least the forums haven't crashed since the switch.

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    Thanks for the kind words!

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