Nissan Quest A/C fan switch

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My 2000 Nissan Quest front A/C fan switch will only work in Max position. On low or any other setting the A/C will not turn on. The rear A/C works fine. Before I tear into the front instrument panel assembly does anyone have a possible suggestion? thanks


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    When that happened to my recently sold '99 Quest, I replaced the blower resistor in the passenger side kick panel. One connector and three screws. That's usually the classic symptom and even if it doesn't fix it, the part is relatively cheap. They run $23 to $28 at plus shipping, and you can probably find one locally for around the same price.

    About three years after I replaced the resistor, the bearing went in the fan motor. Replaced that and then the AC got a leak. That's when I finally dumped the van. B)

    (I tore into my instrument panel one time to fix a sticky tach and that's not a fun job).

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