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imageIs $43,200 Too Expensive? - 2014 Kia Cadenza Limited Long-Term Road Test editor James Riswick ponders whether the Kia Cadenza warrants its high price tag.

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  • legacygtlegacygt Member Posts: 599

    It's also worth noting that these cars seem to sit on the vine a lot longer than their mid-size counterparts when it comes to their refresh cycles. Even when a new Full Sizer seems to outclass its Mid Size brother, the Mid Sizer gets a refresh or overhaul (or two) before the manufacturer does anything to touch the Full Sizer. It's just a matter of sales volume and the Mid Size segment far out sells the Full Size segment so it's the Mid Sizers that get all the development love and money.

  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021

    A fully loaded Avalon Limited with the tech package stickers for $42,410 according to the Toyota website, so basically you can get an Avalon to cost just about $43.2k.

    Cars are just expensive. I am blown away every time I think about a the fact that the cheapest V8 Mustang is $30k when I bought a 1 year old '87 LX 5.0 in 1988 for under $8k. Inflation sucks.

  • 7driver7driver Member Posts: 145

    The Nissan Maxima seems to be a bit better in this regard. On the Nissan company website I could only lard it up to $39k.

  • guy1974guy1974 Member Posts: 119
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    This happened in Europe 20 years ago. The full size Ford Granada and Vauxhall/Opel Senator died out because for the same money people could buy 3 and 5 series cars. They did not need all the extra space and were willing to forgo some equipment to get a better badge, driving dynamics and styling. Full size cars in the US will go the same way in time. Several brands already do not sell full size cars (as opposed to all brands selling compact and mid-size).

  • miedenmieden Member Posts: 75

    $43K for a loaded, full-size, V6 sedan doesnt seem that crazy to me when a stripper 328i starts at $38K.

  • gslippygslippy Member Posts: 514

    8-10,000 Cadenza buyers won't agree with you this year. They're willing to spend $43,200 on a great car whose features would cost much more in an Audi, etc.

    The point is that they're already willing to spend the money; you're just not.

  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486

    @gslippy said:
    8-10,000 Cadenza buyers won't agree with you this year. They're willing to spend $43,200...

    Well... let's not pretend these are going for MSRP. In fact Edmund's website is listing an invoice - $500 incentive through the beginning of August.

    At that price these start making a lot of sense.

  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486

    or even better, invoice and the $2500 manufacturer rebate.

  • mdm08033mdm08033 Member Posts: 8

    Okay I'll bite. I have three questions about the Kia.

    How much depreciation will a 3 year old off lease sub 50,000 trade sell for?
    How well will the interior hold up?
    How many of the electronic gadgets will still function?

    It look slike it might be a superb used car value, but never new.

  • bankerdannybankerdanny Member Posts: 1,021

    And of course you can get a very well equipped Cadenza for less than $43k. The base car plus leather is $35,900 MSPR and includes the V6, Navigatiion with voice control, the same stereo as IL's car, a rear camera, bluetooth.

    Really what you give up are HID's, the glass roof, power adjustable wheel, 19" wheels (no loss IMHO), and the adaptive cruise.

    It doesn't seem to me that $36k is an unreasonable price for this size sedan with that level of equipment and a powerful V6.

  • bassracerxbassracerx Member Posts: 188

    for 40k i would be looking at either a charger R/T or a buick regal GS. for OVER 40k my eyes are on the chevy SS only.

  • rwatsonrwatson Member Posts: 144

    I really must be behind the times because I just can't understand why people are buying new cars for the prices they are now. I realize this Kia is a V6, but I'm talking about other cars out there. By the time people get everything crammed down their throats by these loaded cars on the lots, they're paying over 30k on four cylinders. One thing I notice (once again my whining) is when it comes to the electronic bells and whistles ("infotainment," touch screen, adaptive cruise, etc...) there's no price too high, interior too cheap, or engine too crappy to keep from impressing the techno-dad. I work with a "man" who just got a new car. After several weeks, I asked him which engine he got in it. He doesn't even know! Bottom line: They're selling garbage because the consumer can't tell garbage from crystal. You load any car with enough LED-lit gizmos and you can convince these people a Sonic is a luxury car and they'll pay for it too. I'm done.

  • s197gts197gt Member Posts: 486

    @rwatson said:
    ...they're paying over 30k on four cylinders.
    Bottom line: They're selling garbage because the consumer can't tell garbage from crystal. You load any car with enough LED-lit gizmos and you can convince these people a Sonic is a luxury car and they'll pay for it too. I'm done.

    i've driven a loaner bmw f30 328i with the turbo 4-cylinder and the car is crazy fast with right now torque. as a bmw inline-6 and american v8 owner; those are where my heart lies but my head totally gets why someone would LOVE BMW's N20 turbo 4 and not even miss the two cylinders; except for acoustic and NVH reasons.

    while i disagree that "they" are selling garbage, i do admit to be entranced by the snazzy LCD screens and technology in today's newest cars. i almost pulled the trigger on a '14 grand cherokee lease because i wanted that snazzy interior and awesome GUI in the IP.... it was a sweet place to be. unlike the consumers you speak of i knew all about the pentastar and 8-speed transmission under the hood.

  • carfreak13carfreak13 Member Posts: 17

    @rwatson I think it's very old-school thinking that 4 cylinders are bad engines. No doubt that a V6 is more fun/powerful Etc, but having 4 cylinder does not make a car bad/cheap. Look at the 528i, A45 amg, or the E-class BlueTEC all three are great cars with GREAT 4 cylinder engines.

  • agentorangeagentorange Member Posts: 893

    Ah, the "better badge" comment popped up. That really makes me smile whenever I see it. Maybe I'm influenced the flaky E30 3-series I used to own or the dodgy service experienced by friends with M-Bs. Wake up, people. the differences in engineering between a Korean car and one built in Germany are pretty small these days. If you insist (and many do) on still playing brand snob that's your choice, but it flies in the face of facts.

  • bigcjmbigcjm Member Posts: 2

    Is it too expensive at 43k no? Its worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. Though kia is having a hard time moving the car. Lets be clear the car being full size doesn't make it more attractive to alot of people. That in mind 35-43k puts you into alot of midsize entry lux cars, traditional mass volume mid size cars, and full size sedans. When you compare this to lacrosse, and tl and the many many other cars you have to ask what does this do any better? From what ive read nothing. You may get a few more options for the cash but thats it.

    Super Vanilla styling that looks like the 20k compact forte isn't doing this car any favors.

  • sdcarfansdcarfan Member Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2014 Cadenza Premium which was still on the lot for $27k. The sticker was just over $36k. Its a lot of car for the money at that kind of discount. You won't get near as much of a discount on an Avalon, and having driven both, the Kia is a nicer vehicle.
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