This car is demonically possessed by an electrical demon PLS HELP - Impala

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So I believe my 2007 Impala 3.2Flex Fuel car is demonically possessed!!! Help Please. I have owned this car for about a year, I bought it at a small used car dealership with about 124,000miles on it, it was clean and everything worked fine and the car ran perfect at first. The only little problem at first was the car seemed to sometimes felt like it was about to run out of gas, the code reader said 2 of the cylinders were misfiring... changed the plugs and wires and that seemed to fix it. Ok so the major problem that now has I losing my mind is as follows…

About 6 months ago a friend was driving on the freeway and she told me that all of a sudden the door locks started clicking, all the lights on the dash went on and off and then the car lost full power. The car sat on the side of the road for a half a day and when we finally got AAA there to tow the car...the AAA guy said let’s try to jump it again ..Car started right up and had no problems like that for like nine months.. then it started to sometimes seem like the battery was going dead when it started… then it did the clicking thing when I turned the key sometimes took a few turns to start it.. I looked it up and most people said it was the started relay..So I got a new one .. Seem to fix the problem for a few weeks.. Then over like 2 weeks it got progressively bad..From having to jump it to new battery..To the car was just running on the battery and then would die when the battier was out of power… so I replaced my alternator..This did nothing.. Battery was still not being charged and car was still running off battier power (I was charging the battier with a wall charger every night which got me about 30miles or so).. note: after I replaced the alternator all of my gauges stopped working… the dash lights worked the blinkers worked but you couldn’t see the blinker indicator arrow blinking on the dash… also when I pushed the trunk pop button on the dash it was blowing the fuse that’s in the box next to the passengers feet… and A/C stopped working…still blows but not cold..And it use to blow ice cold…. SO!!! I take it to a shop after 2 weeks and 650 bucks I get the car back they fixed the battery charging problem and the car running off the alternator power…They said they replaced the bundle of wires that comes from the alternator that sends power to the car… the car does now run and does not die and seems to be charging the battery…. I’ve had the car for about 2 weeks now..The A/C still does not work nor do the gauges…and most times I start it I turn the key and nothing happens.. Sometimes if I hold it there for a second it will start or I fully turn the key again and it will start….. But check this out I just randomly pushed the trunk pop button and it works!!! With the 10 fuse still blown…. And lastly I noticed that when I get out of the car sometimes those light that are on the 3 A/C knobs stay on ..Sometimes all night…

Any info or thoughts would be seriously appreciated.

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